If Your Emblem is LITERALLY
A Wolf-in-Sheep’s Clothing,
What Kind of Monster are You?
Part I Background
                Actually, we’re going to explain why those people who espouse progressivism can be so dangerous in only three paragraphs . . . but before we do we need to lay a little groundwork. First notice the three sites linked above. If you’re a normal non-superhero type person . . . they may be the three greatest gifts you’ll ever receive other than life and love.  The book The Myth of Stress has the potential to do more good for more good people such as the Conservative movement in the United States and the nascent TEA (“taxed enough already” or “taken enough abuse”) Party folks. It also has the ability to turn many dangerous progressive malcontents into far more reasonable people not by merely relieving stress but by virtually eliminating it from their lives – it’s that good. For people already hounded by serious physical complaints with a psychological component or origin; or serious but not commit-worthy psychological problems the next two links are godsend . . . for example helping relieve and virtually eliminate PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in some cases going back to the Viet Nam War in a matter of 3-4 sessions. My gifts to you . . . .
            More background:  the link immediately above disrobes the Fabian Society in England (whose organizational emblem, a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing, is displayed in the background within an infamous stained-glass window in which George Bernard Shaw and other Fabian Socialists are shown heating the world over a blacksmith’s fire and pounding it into to their desired shape) which was the movement that gave birth to so-called “progressivism” here in the United States.   The progressives and the Fabians believed in the ideas of Karl Marx but NOT in the violence inherent in REVOLUTION. They believed that they could sneak their agenda onto the scene and take over the world that way. The term “Fabian” comes from the Roman general Fabius who defeated Carthaginian leader Hannibal (him of the war elephants crossing the Alps) by refusing direct confrontations and winning a thirteen-year war of attrition. 
             Progressivism arose here in the 1890s and was a very strong movement for many years. Then he word “progressive” fell out of favor thanks to the debacles of Woodrow Wilson and his administration (the altered historical record in which some people put the Democratic progressives Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson into #2 and #3 position among U.S. Presidents and then alter history dramatically to hide the fact that Herbert Hoover was a Republican Progressive is totally inaccurate); the term “liberal” was used over the next eighty-five years but now “progressive” is back in favor among them since “liberal taxation” and “liberal spending” and “liberal government” now hold such negative connotations among voters. The link below tells you how in order to make Wilson and FDR into undeserved heroes: the biggest economic lies possible were used:
            FDR, of course, and his VP candidate attacked Herbert Hoover as a “socialist” and promised to imitate the actions of Harding and Coolidge (49% decrease in spending and taxes; 30% pay-down of the national debt) that made Wilson’s Depression into the “Depression you never heard or” or the “Invisible Depression” even though it started out much worse than the 1929 crash and downslide.  Of course FDR not only continued every single one of Hoover’s initiatives but created another 39 brand new federal agencies and did precisely the opposite of Harding-Coolidge by dramatically increasing spending, taxes and the national debt and dramatically expanding government. But besides “adjusting” history as necessary to make their opponents look bad and themselves look good, what do progressives believe? Progressives believe that we must ‘progress’ beyond the ‘out-dated and ill-conceived’ U.S. Constitution if we’re to achieve the Marxist/Socialist earthly Utopia. In recent times progressives like Van Jones, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Joel Rogers, Bill Ayers and others are flying from the woodwork to let their followers know that NOW is the time for the final stage of the “revolution” -- the takeover. Background material over!
Part II Why Progressives are So Dangerous
            One of the greatest additions to the human evolutionary arsenal over the years is man’s neo-cortex high in the front of our brains. It is the neo-cortex that gives man FREE WILL, art and culture, fiction, what-if thinking, science, free markets, capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, the TEA Party, etc. and unfortunately the ability to lie and to get stressed out. It’s a blessing in large part but a curse in many cases. The neo-cortex allows man something that animals can’t embrace: CONTRA-FACTUALITY the ability to postulate “lies” or creative speech or invention and as we’ve said, FREE WILL.  But along with the good comes a large chunk of bad.   If you’ve ever seen the amazingly funny movie The Invention of Lying, you know what we mean by contra-factuality. Contra-factuality is the ability to think, do and eventually deeply believe ideas that are contrary to present truth. Constant inner bombardment with contra-factuality makes stressful lives for people – they live whole lives based upon the words “should” and “shouldn’t;” “have to” and “mustn’t” in situations where they cannot seemingly separate these untrue – intangible statements from reality. The liberal or progressive corruption of the United States Constitution, for example, is changing all their desires into “needs” and then putting forth the proposition that these newly created needs for health care, government handouts, etc. are “rights” akin to the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness mentioned in the Constitution. And the rest of us, meaning ‘the taxpayers,’ are henceforth naturally responsible for meeting these nebulous rights of theirs. 
            To them there are no obstructions to a constant, consistent and bountiful eternal federal free lunch. There are no evils to deficit spending, the national debt, or inflation in their world. Since far more than most of us, progressives are geared to living inside a world that has little close touch with reality; they are far more dangerous to themselves and to the rest of us. For example, in 1970 Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dorne can postulate and be entirely convinced that they know far better than the rest of society how things ought to be (“should”) be run and then convince themselves so thoroughly of the rightness of their case that making and planting bombs is “necessary.” Barack Obama can believe so deeply in the Marxist anti-colonialism that his mother raised him on and his Father exposed him to during their magic month together (Dreams from my Father by Barack, Jr.) that he would do anything including totally undermining this country to make his vision of a better world true. George Soros (“The Man who Broke the Bank of England” and decimated the currencies of six other nations and who’s now trying to do the same to the United States via his puppet BHO) believes that only he has a full and accurate grip upon what’s best for the entire world . . . and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.
            Totalitarianism, sick human cruelty and all despotism comes from abused and corrupted contra-factuality.   Ayers and Dorne, Castro and Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Mao . . . these are great monsters because they believe they and they alone know what’s best and should control or even end the lives of others. Today another wave of contra-factuality is threatening us on many fronts:  Contra-factual science. Man-Caused-Global Warming based upon carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses such as water vapor is just part of a conspiracy theory which the progressives are using to help impose greater government control over everybody else.  This is a repeat of the environmental extremism that erupted upon us following the publication of Rachel Carson’s pseudo-pscience book Silent Spring and the banning of DDT by the U.S. and the U.N. which followed.  With over 2 million deaths per year just from malaria (the total yearly malaria death count was a mere 42 thousand in 1972; now malaria kills roughly 2.15 million worldwide every year), Ms. Carson (and her book) have become a greater mass murderer than even Mao (a mere 60 million) with presumably well over 100 million deaths to her credit. Because the progressive mentality allows them to see some human life as an obstacle or unnecessary to “the greater good” . . . or to propound falsehoods that ignore truth so severely as to threaten other human lives these depressing progressive human beings are a threat to us all. The greater threat, however, is not them but the people who follow them for whatever reason. The progressive leaders themselves are remarkably incompetent human beings but when someone like a Hitler can get huge masses of people supporting him, well, the rest is sad, sad horrific history   . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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