Attack “Oreo” Herman Cain
You’re used to it by now.   You’re not surprised when the mainstream media totally ignores the Fast and Furious scandal and the court setback for former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards for stealing millions from his campaign war chest to cover up his affair; but meanwhile attacking conservative politicians for illegal breathing and excess beard growth and labeling all conservatives as racists and mean-spirited villains. Will the real racists stand up? Apparently not. But, as always, we shall know them by their fruits. Let us briefly set the stage . . . .
When hate-filled California Representative Maxine Waters said, “The TEA Party can go to hell” and then ten days later described Republican presidential candidate Herman Caine as “an Oreo . . . Black on the outside and White on the inside” the mainstream media (MSM) hardly noticed . . . these were certainly two stories they didn’t want to examine in any depth. They also didn’t see anything distasteful when leftist commentator Janeane Garofalo talked about Caine being a token Black that Republicans could parade about “to hide their racism” implying that Caine was “an Uncle Tom” -- an implication that is now all over the MSM as Caine surges near the top of the Republican presidential polls. And Caine, despite being a successful businessman, is being treated as if he’s stupid in virtually all progressive commentary, “I doubt Herman Caine can even spell ‘Iraq!’” was the commentary on one recent liberal NEWS show.
Garofalo, of course, knew brief fame as an “I call ‘em as I see ‘em, regardless of facts and fairness” talking head on the Majority Report program on Air America, a progressive^^ cable network, which sought to institutionalize ad hominem attacks on conservatives like Sarah Palin. Apparently, “news” without any grounding in actual facts and truth can’t survive long in the free market because while FOXNews and its fair and balanced coverage has soared to the top, #1 among the cable-news viewership, Air America has gone out of business.
Let us put all this to rest: first, let’s look at the positive side for those evil racist “conservative White Folk.” Are these the real racists, who won’t stand up and admit their racism? Well consider this:  in the 2008 presidential elections, Democrat Barack Obama received a larger number and a larger percentage of White votes than either Democrats Kerry and Gore received in 2004 and 2000 respectively: 47.6%. Meanwhile Republican John McCain garnered roughly 4.6% of the Black vote. Thus the individual White voter was about ten times more likely to vote for a candidate of another race in 2008. Put another way, Black voters were about twice as likely as White ones to vote for the presidential candidate of their race in 2008 whichever way you look at it, the racism among Black Americans is definitely a subject someone in the MSM ought to talk about.
Now let’s look at the negative side:  remember in spring of 2010 when Nancy Pelosi and all her House Democrats made a spectacle of marching into vote together on Obamacare with her wielding that massively oversized gavel?   All the MSM was there. All of them ran stories about conservatives spitting on some members of the Congressional Black Congress and calling them the “N-Word.” MSNBC implied in their coverage that multiple instances of the “N-Word” were hurled at the CBC Democrats. Some internet leftwing sites claimed that the N-Word had been yelled “28 times” that morning. Only one slight problem? It never happened. 
With dozens of cameras and reporters and individuals with camera-phones pinching in around the Pelosi-led group, not a single one caught any video or audio of any spitting or the N-word being used.  Conservatives and particularly the TEA Party** have been pretty adamant about “innocent until proven guilty” and other fundamentals of America’s Democratic- Republic being paid more than lip service and here clearly the accusation without any provocation was being treated as hard undeniable fact by the MSM. But since the victims of all the baseless attacks were conservatives, that’s OK . . . .
Andrew Breitbart, founder of was outraged at the horrific coverage and offered a $100,000 reward for just one instance on video of any of these much publicized events actually occurring. Of course, Breitbart’s still got his money in his wallet and no evidence was ever presented to him or ever revealed on the internet or anywhere else that those oft-described events happened at all.
So what is going on? The collapse of the once proud and the once honorable Democratic Party is now in progress. The Democratic Party has been taken over by its left-most hate group: the progressives^^.   Moderate and conservative Democrats almost don’t exist anymore. There are far more progressive Republicans than there are combined true moderate and true conservative Democrats in Washington.  Progressive Democrats have done that by using a policy of “divide and conquer.”   Their strategy for controlling both chambers of Congress and sometimes the White House since 1972 has been based on falsely claiming Republicans are racists, anti-woman, anti-minorities and stupid. When it comes to issues the only issue that seems to matter to progressive Democratic politicians is “how much can we get away with promising” rather than dealing with the actual issues (and debt; unfunded liabilities and spending are the major issues make no bones about it). To these ends they have made a policy of promising almost every imaginable handout to their naive constituents . . . to buy votes, commonsense be damned. 
Meanwhile those who rather than promise outrageous largesse seek to inform the populace of the fact we’re on the wrong track:  conservative women like Sarah Palin, Marsha Blackburn and Michele Bachmann; Conservative Blacks like Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and the several Black FOXNews contributors including Juan Williams and several smart, young Black female reporters; and Conservative Hispanics such as Marco Rubio are trashed mercilessly without evidence that the mud being slung has any basis in fact. Why? Because they’re all seen as huge threats to continuing the 20th Century Democratic near-hegemony in Congress into the 21st Century. The Democrats regard all women; Blacks and other minorities as “theirs.” Any members of these groups who don’t toe the line, especially conservative success stories, are regarded as threats so great that these people must be “slimed” and eventually destroyed.  One of the great ironies is that Cain looks to be doing fairly well according to polls just about everywhere but in New Hampshire . . . but he is especially strong in the supposedly prejudiced South. Now what’s to be made of that?
As opposed to the hatred Cain receives from progressives and the liberal media, an example of his high regard among conservatives is that not only is Cain ranked 2nd among G.O.P. hopefuls in Iowa, but he is also “disliked the least” with only 3% of Iowans placing him last in the field. In contrast, if Obama’s name was entered in that field he might get close to 100% of Iowans ranking him dead last. But as the MSM has told us, Cain is a stupid racist and evil man. So get used to it: IF and when Herman Cain continues to climb in the polls as his national name recognition spreads beyond the South, phrases like “Oreo,” “Uncle Tom” and “House N-word” will become commonplace and considered “factual” in and by the MSM . . . certainly these canNOT be considered racial slurs when a progressive utters them, can they? And our “great-uniter and first post-racial president”? Let’s pinpoint him for what he actually is: the great divider and antagonistic rabble-rouser and campaigner-in-chief who has no interest in governing this country as it deserves to be governed . . . remember he’s the man who said three Cambridge police officers (one Black, one White, and one Hispanic) “acted stupidly” after first admitting he actually didn’t have all the facts.  Say now, isn’t that the very definition of the word “prejudiced”?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^Should the word “progressive” stymie you . . . Progressives believe that the country must ‘progress’  beyond the “outdated and ill-conceived U.S. Constitution” if we are to ever make ‘progress’ toward Utopia (Marxist heaven on earth). This is why the TEA Party is so repugnant to them. The first plank in the TEA Party Contract from America reads thusly:
                                “Identify constitutionality of every new law:  Require each bill to identify the specific provision of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to do what the bill does (82.03% of national respondents wanted this item included among the final 10 planks and it was the top vote-getter among the 28 candidate issues).
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