Radicalism: A Great away to Harm Others

http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/radical?q=Radical states that a radical is a person who holds to the belief that all social/governmental issues need a complete overhaul. Radicalism is not a good concept. Some examples of radicalism include Communism, Socialism, religious radicalism, and Fascism. The next few paragraphs will cover Communism, Nazism, and lastly, Islamic radicalism.CommunismCommunism is the idea that everything should be equally established and owned. You might think that this is a great idea. Think again folks! To prove my point, we will be looking at a failed attempt at Communism. We all know what Russia tried to do back during the World Wars. They tried to take ownership of people's property and redistribute them to make everyone "happy". Although the USSR lasted well into the late 20th century, the empire fell because the people were not too happy with the idea. This is one example of failed radicalism.NazismNazism was the ideology of Hitler and other radical German men during WWII. This ideology was a reaction against democracy, communism, and other ideologies. Some characteristics of Nazism included Aryanism was emphasized as well as State Socialism. Hitler thought that Jews and other people without blonde hair and blue eyes were evil and animals. What a jerk! He didn't even have blonde hair or blue eyes! I hate to bring this horrible event up, but I must to prove my point :'(. We all know about the Holocaust. The Nazi ideology caused the killing of over 6 million+ Jews among other people. Hitler killed these people just because they had different eye and hair color. This was a deadly form of radicalismRadical IslamRadical Islam is by far the worst form of radicalism today. Each day, millions upon millions of innocent people. Radical Islamist are killing millions of innocent Christians and Jews in the Middle East. They kill people in the name of "Allah". These ugly and wicked people think its lawful and moral to kill their fellow inhabitants for their religion! My friends, jihad is not a term to be taken lightly. Jihad is an excuse used to pardon the brutal murders of these faithful Christians and Jews. Their "god" is their selfish and evil souls. Jihad needs to stop and needs to stop NOW! I am so angry with these filthy animals killing my brothers and sisters in Christ! I ask that you pray that all this senseless violence ends.http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/44975-how-does-radical-islam-s-christian-persecution-compare-to-hitler-s-terror This link will take you an in-depth story comparing radical Islam to Nazi violenceAny comments are welcome :)
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