Today Donald Trump said; "the shooting in Virginia is a mental health problem, not a gun problem"I slightly disagree. Yes we need to consider the mental health concerns when it comes to gun violence, however in this case, it is a racism problem.Too many people want to ignore the giant pink elephant in the room, hoping it will just disappear. Well guess what, we have ignored it so much that it is bigger than the room.America has a racism problem, but not the kind that the liberals, mainstream media and special interest groups want you to believe. America has a reverse racism epidemic.Liberals are pandering to their base, using division,false narratives of discrimination and wars on everything.Victimization is the new normal. The new criminals are the victims and if your White, you should feel guilty for your God given pigmentation or lack thereof.White people are not the only ones with a bullseye on their foreheads; Christians, Patriots, Conservatives, and free thinkers are enemies of the state.It's time we stop ignoring the real issue. So many people are afraid to broach the subject for fear of being called a racist. Racism exists, and it is getting worse. Not because of people, but because of policies that lead to division and special interest groups who promote it.If we continue to ignore the problem, the pink elephant will turn into Godzilla. Politicians and Churches especially Black churches have a responsibility to confront this problem. You know it's there. Stop ignoring it because of political correctness or fear. Political correctness is what's tearing our country apart.Wake up! It's time to come together and tell these zealots, your agenda is no longer welcome.What say you?Michael Dozier,PhD
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  • Jack Smith, I will attempt to be nice with my retort to your comment. Obviously you do not comprehend what I wrote and why I wrote it. If you feel I am a racist because I believe that White people are being discriminated against, by the mainstream media and special interest groups, then I guess I am racist. If you feel the Black man shot and killed the news reporter and her cameraman because he has mental health issues and not because he was a racist pig, then I guess I am racist. 

    Obviously by your response, you feel there is no such thing as reverse racism. If that is your opinion, I have to admit, you are blind just like the liberal zealots who try to pander White guilt to the black society. 

    Not once did I say I hated Donald J. Trump, in fact I support him and what he is doing. Not once did I apologize to black racist, in fact I am calling them out. I believe if you read my message again, you will see that. 

    Mr. Smith, next time you try to call me out, try reading the opinion piece prior to forming an opinion, especially when that opinion shows your ignorance. 

    Michael Dozier, PhD 

  • How can a racist like Dozier, who was invited onto this site by its liberal leadership, come on here and instruct us? He is here to tell us that any "zealot agendas are no longer welcome here."

    So Dozier and black racist minority parasites like him, are in control of this "tea party" site?

    This site hates Trump and so does the "addelpated" and semi-coherent Dozier. Next steop in process...This fake "tea party" "leadership" apologizes to the black racists for any white man expressing his opinion which undoubtedly offending the short-tempered black racists.

    I foconsider Dozier as a phony on the level of that Kayne person intermarried with the Kardashians. I will go on to his most favored black racist site and deliver a far more legitimate message.

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