Questions about Mexican Organics

Questions about Mexican organics?

Sound Consumer | January 2011 by Lola Milholland

Getting to know our neighboring nation and its farmers

[ In winter and early spring, while most of our regional farms lie dormant, grocery store produce sections remain well stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. Much of this vast selection comes from Mexico.

For many shoppers, the Mexican sticker sits like a bold question mark, provoking us with all that we don’t know or understand. How did these fruits and vegetables arrive here? If Mexican produce is labeled organic, how do we know that it is reliably organic? Can we trust that it’s safe to eat?..] Why are there gnats all over them and in my home and even at work? It was never like that before imports from Mexico became common-place. Should I just suck it up and keep my mouth shut? One just flew up my nose. Maybe some tequila will help.

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