Question of the Day

Question of the Day


What are some small things each of can do easily in our daily lives to promote Conservatism?

   Handouts? Boycotts?

What are your ideas?

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  • Since you asked about small things we can do, here are a few idea's:

    1. Weekly,send your list, articles and/or start campaigns of interest, and ask for a specific call to action

    2. Buy the books and products of Conservatives

    3. Don't buy products or financially  support liberals or liberal organizations

    4.Use everything as teaching moment.

    Example when in a grocery store loudly comment that the prices of everything has gone up exponentially since obama got into office and be specific.

    5. Gather around any Conservative person of business that is being targeted by liberals. Let the liberals know we support Conservatives.

    6. Start a blog

    7. Make sure to post on liberal blogs-give em hell.

    8. Support your local Tea Party groups

    9. Don't be silent: talk to your neighbors, your kids, family members,your church. The left want to shut us up.

    10. Make sure to educate yourself about the issues so that when you do speak or present the Conservative view, you have evidence supporting your case.

    11. Take good care of your health as the stress ( can lower the immune system) that we have all been enduring since obama got into office has been extraordinary.

    12. This should actually be #1. If you haven't done so, go to G-d, repent and follow HIM.  

    2 Chronicles 7:14





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  • Larry...  we conservatives are the wheels that need to be greased. ( even though I am a Navy vet..Semper Fi   marine ...'fair winds and following seas'  brother ) It took MLK years to get his message through, then he was killed. We need to get our message out NOW and OFTEN and LOUD, in the streets of D.C. and the halls of congress. A one day march in D.C. will not accomplish anything, it needs to be organized and lengthy in duration ( days or weeks if need be). This chat line that we have here is heard by no one but us like minded Tea Party members. Then we get the next question of the day or read the TP Director and Assistant write endlessly about the same item we've been discussing for weeks or months and still there is no definite answer or plausible action taken.  Valor and Glory...brave men and women died overseas to defend our freedoms yet we will not do the same here at home. Don' t you think its time ?!!!  "  Freedom is the sure possession of those alone, who have the courage to defend it''

  • MAYNARD, may not be Ning, I have had trouble as well, I have had to reboot my computer, and refresh everything, depending on your site 'HOST', check what it might be with them and send a complaint. I have AOL, and have just been figuring this out. They have been trying to overwhelm me with SPAM, and (not AOL.), have 'PIGGYBACKED', some virus stuff on some of my favorite sites, this being one of them!! Last week my security had stopped no less than 3 virus breaches in one day!! I know how they are, and they can't frustrate me at all, just an inconvienient truth!! So, they can shove it!! SEMPER-FI !! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.



  • I got a couple of cans of WD-40!! ....................................................WELL?.........................I'm waiting!! Which WHEEL needs to be greased? OH, nevermind!! ALL OF THEM!! SEMPER-FI !! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

  • Sorry Ralph!! I didn't see the donotreply. Anyway, Thankyou for the info.!! I will do that! You should expect something soon!! I decided to keep photos of my ven, in my cargo-shorts pocket, to hand out to people without camera-phones. I can't tell you the number of people on a daily basis, who take pictures of it whill I"m driving,or parked!!!! I am so elated to see, raised eyebrows, and having been asked, is this really happening? Or I didn't know this? Some even voted for OBAMA!! There are diehards out there, who fly they're 'VICTORY ' OBAMA sticker on their car now. I try to park as close to their cars, as I can get, or drive near them. You should see the contrast of my van to theirs!! I see, often, people who have heard of RUSH, or GLENN BECK, after they see 925foxnews on my windows, then turn their radios to it!! Saw this happen a couple of times!! Wonder howmany people it has converted, just because they found the right station? Everyday, there are 2 eyes to every person in a car!! Hundreds, on a daily basis, I would immagine!! I wonder if OBAMA has seen it yet? SEMPER-FI !! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

  • Take a page out of the past and organize demonstrations like those of the civil rights movement under the leadership of Martin Luther King. Get the press and the lame stream media to cover the events and have popular leaders of conservatism speak out. Remember 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'. We need to be that ' wheel' , constantly squeaking and constantly pushing the conservative agenda. Loudly and often, making our points and grabbing attention. Politicians will pay attention and institute change only when they are forced to accept that they can and will be replaced.

  • Ralph, I sent you a reply to you directly, Did you get it? Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

  • Trying to keep our members up to  date as to what is happening daily, Faxing my Congressman and Senators to include Obama, I let Obama know just what I think about him keep reminding him that he is illegal. Will probably be one of the first they come after when he declares Martial Law.

  • As an aside, Dr. Taitz needs people support at hearing.

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