What is America to you.  Most people have never even thought about it. "What does The United States mean in my life?"  Let me help answer it for you!  This nation is your home.  It is the home of your family, your closest friends and your children.  Of course you already knew this and I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know.  Be that as it may, are you aware your home is subject to the greatest danger it has ever been in since the civil war.  You can dispute this all you want but deep down you know it's true.  The debt the Marxist laws recently passed by Congress.  Laws like the Patriot Act, The NDAA, and Obama Care to name only a few, combined with the militarization of almost every government agency , and police department serve as ominous indicators of a President and administration completely out of control.  A President and administration unwilling to obey the law, and at the same time commit unconstitutional acts almost daily.  Why should you be concerned about these things?  I will help you answer this as well.   I seriously doubt 1 out of every 300,000 people have read any of the legislation mentioned above.  If they had we would see many more people standing against this tyranny and treason.  If people truly understood that they can now be arrested without charge, held in prison indefinitely without having broken any law whatsoever.  If they understood they could be targeted by the government for assassination for no other reason than someone "thinks" they "might" be a threat.  If they understood that any government employee with any agency could enter their homes and search it without warrant or any cause whatsoever.  If they only knew there are many more tyrannical laws hidden in the NDAA and Obama Care they might know America means life, their lives.  Just where do you think you will go if you lose your home country.   Now, what does America really mean to you?


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  • Yep, all so true.  But this Admin. is overlooking one minor detail,  I will fight back.  The Govt. can be Watched as well,  any of them, any time, anywhere.  Including obama.

  • Yes, everything Deborah Radziewicz said is true.  But there is more, this government tries to tell us what we can eat, how much we can eat, what medical treatment we can have, what doctor we can see, raise taxes on a whim, controls what we can or can not say, NSA watches, records and stores every phone call, web post, sites visited, camera's on the streets filming us, offers rewards to turn co-workers, etc., in who disagree with the government, taking over education, restricts religion, has tried everyway to disarm us, feds our young military drugs and propaganda against We The People and makes laws against law abiding citizens and to decide when the elderly have lived long enough.  There is so much more, the list is added to daily.  This America is not My America I grew up in. When I was born in 1943 our "Greatest Generation" military was fighting Hitler to keep My America free, today our military "Strongest Military in the world" fights to take over other nations to suit our Muslim President, while "our Worst Ever Evil government" works at home to destroy My America.  And still with all that is wrong today in My America, I love my country, I have faith and hope that My America will wake up, our Almighty God will intercede and give us the wisdom, means and courage to take a united stand against this evil governing us and together we can take My America back.

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  • America is my life. It's everything to me. Without it we are nothing.
  • America is my home.  I do not recognize it any longer.  The only moms that stay home are on welfare and won't get a job to get off of it.  Gang members aren't blamed for the gun problem, the law abiding citizens are. Government is full of self willed, self centered people that are over paid and shouldn't be in office.  They have flourished off of our taxes.  An illegal man ran for president and the people cannot force him to prove otherwise.  Elections were held and illegals voted and the people cannot force a revote.  The US has a president that does not respect us or our law of the land yet we can't get him impeached and put on trial.  We are no longer allowed to post signs in our yard that say "In God we Trust".  He is an abomination to God and this country.  America no longer means anything to me.  It is a piece of ground that because we have turned our back on God, he is removing his hand from us.  One of the signs are the children.  The Bible says that when children become disobedient, disrespectful and run wild, this is a sign.  When schools stopped teaching the Bible, which by the way, was a taught subject for almost as old as this country is, the children growing into adults had no sense of morals or direction.  The teachers today, most don't teach anything important to life.  The government has gotten hold of our most precious resource to keep a free country going, OUR CHILDREN!  Hitler said, give me your children, I will give you a nation.  He met a nation under a dictator. 

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