Putin created all refugee crisis for his own benefit.

Putin created all refugee crisis for his own benefit.

If Putin would not continue protecting evil dictators of Syria and Iran we would finish with both very fast. Romney was right. KGB Russia is and was always geopolitical enemy. Nothing changed in former Soviet Union. Problem is that some Godless "Conservatives" still have crush on staged macho images of Putin. As soon as they see him they start to masturbate with their idiotic adoration of this geopolitical enemy not realizing that he is digging their graves. Putin's Communist KGB trained and placed Trojan Horse Obama in the white house and exported all Marxist poison to the Free West. Now Putin is acting as a "Good Christian" and "Savior" of the world while his crooked economy in Russia is total disaster, that is why Putin needs wars and chaos to keep his starving Russian people preoccupied with hate of sinful Free West and adoration of Putin's staged "patriotic" macho image.


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