4063883429?profile=original"One of the militia groups who joined the effort to “protect” the Bundy family and their ranch from the armed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rangers admitted they are prepared to use deadly force in self-defense in Nevada or Texas."

Barry and the left are pushing this country closer and closer to civil war ! I'm posting this to warn my people (I know most of you already know this.) of strangers you don't know personally coming in to your group and pushing for actions that are illegal and reckless. Watch out for those who seems way to willing to fire that first shot. That's what Barry and Heinrich Holder wants.

POLL: Is the United States headed toward a Civil War?

That Reichstag moment to throw the military at us like they did at Waco. Face it my friends this country is a police state already. Barry has private armies (The ATF, DEA, FBI, DHS, and many of the nameless wet work variety.) to call upon to kill us for him. But not to close the southern border ! If, God forbid this kicks off you can't stop it with negotiations. You'll have to overthrow the entire system and reset it.  It may take the breaking up of the USA ? I don't have the answers after the fact if the Feds start shooting. Except be as it will to go the distance as that 10% did in 1776.

I look a lot to our founding fathers for the answers. With our present situation ! I've only one statement that seems to cover our problem if the Feds step on it !

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thomas Jefferson

Let those tyrants in DC both liberal and Rino remember that !

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  • Any war with the destructive force of the arms available will create the "end of the world."  Shoot a few missels and what is left?  Fire and destruction.  I don't think that it will be a long war as some do.  We should do like we did in the Indian wars---you kill the chief and the warriors went back to camp.

  • Just before the civil war the Secretary of State hired detectives from NY to infiltrate pro-southern militia groups around DC, then when the war broke out all they had to do is round up the members. The government has a long history of spying on the people, know who your talking to or keep your mouth shut, it's going to be a long war.
  • I believe that Obama is arming the government for a chaos of some kind.  The military is for the people  Obama had no choice  but arming all the agencies does not give him credence at all.  Those people are not a guarantee of loyality to him.  A fools errand to me.  The people must be ready to take this government out if or when anything happens.

  • Does anyone have contact info for this group?

  • We must be vigilent. I agree with everyone on this thread. Preparation is key. Stay informed. Have a contingency plan. My son and I are devising and critiquing our plans as we speak.

    I am praying for all. I am willing to die for my country. I am Patriot.
  • LOCK & LOAD!

    SSGT, '69 - '73, 321ST Combat Support Group, 319th AMS Fire Control

  • Although no one wants a new Revolutionary War, there are many of us Veterans that have fought and risked our lives to protect the freedoms that we have enjoyed in these United States, who would, reluctantly but willingly, fight this administration on the battlefield as our ancestors did with the British.

    I don't believe that the current administration understands that it takes a lot to anger the American Patriot, but once the shooting starts there will be millions behind every tree and blade of grass putting down the government traitors.


    1. Pro-Islam Counterfeit President Barry-Barack Soetoro-Obama, Lead purveyor of federal limitless lawlessness and liberated immorality

    2. Michelle Soetoro-Obama, Lead cover-up accomplice in the White House

    3. Valerie Jarrett from Iran, Assistant Lead cover-up accomplice in the White House

    4. Eric Holder, Lead collusive racial obstructionist in the Department of Justice

    5. Nancy Pelosi, supplying aid and comfort to Muslim Terrorist Soetoro-Obama from the House of Reps. since 2007

    6. Hillary Clinton, Lead cover-up accomplice in the State Department

    7. Joseph Biden, Assistant cover-up accomplice in the White House

    8. Harry Reid, Lead cover-up accomplice in the Senate

    9. John Boehner, Lead cover-up accomplice in the House of Reps. who helps finance Pro-Islam Soetoro-Obama


    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”- President’s Oath of Office

     The present oath repeated by the Vice President of the United States, Senators, Representatives, and other government officers has been in use since 1884. The oath reads:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

     Read “Impeachable Offenses” by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott, then we can talk!

     Our Universe, our Planet Earth and our own bodies are God-provided.  The only thing we humans control in this inherited world is our thinking.

     And look at what this Gang of Nine “leaders” has brought to apple pie America with their combined “thinking” since 2008:

     A covered-up Constitutionally-ineligible counterfeit President who is a bastard-at-birth, performing as Bastard-in-Chief, intent on bastardizing America.

    A “fundamentally transformed” America which we never asked for and seems to be whatever this white-collared 9-to-5 Muslim Puppet-Terrorist President wants.

    A covered-up phony President with real serious scandals:  EO-obstructed Fast and Furious murders, Demoncrats-only “you can keep your doctor” Obamacare,  IRS “not a smidgen of corruption” targeting, NSA spying on civilians, Benghazi “what difference does is make” murders, US aid to Muslim Brotherhood murderers in Libya and Egypt et al, $17,550,000,000,000 “no spending problem” King Government debt to indenture all Americans FOR GENERATIONS, a grid-locked Congress and struggling economy, massive new planned dependency on food stamps, a first-ever lowered 70-year AAA national credit rating, CONSIDERING INSANE EO- AMNESTY WITHOUT BORDERS, attempted federal land grabs, eco-terrorism, feckless foreign policies intended to humiliate and diminish America on the world stage, an unelected kook-czar Cabinet, un-jailing of convicted criminals and illegal aliens to roam our streets and prey on our families, etc., etc., etc.,  and A DEMORALIZED DIVIDED AMERICA! 


     “The fish rot from the head down.”

     We don’t need Congressional “can-kickers” consisting of established Whoreable Congressmen, we desperately need Honorable Constitutional leadership of “can-doers” the likes of Rep. Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III!

     We need a Congress that recognizes and now acts on the following TREASONOUS MILESTONES:

    • Nancy Pelosi and the 2008 DNC-certified candidacy of Constitutionally-ineligible Soetoro-Obama is NULL AND VOID

    • The general election results of 2008 are NULL  AND VOID (Pelosi-Germond-DNC intentionally deceived American voters)

    • EO 13489 and all EO’s thereafter are NULL AND VOID

    • All actions by Pro-Islam Counterfeit President Soetoro-Obama since creating corruption-enabled EO 13489 on JAN 21, 2009 to the present time are NULL AND VOID

    • The general election results of 2012 are NULL AND VOID (Soetoro-Obama and Rice and Clinton and DNC intentionally deceived American voters)


    Insanity is no longer an option for Congress.  My Dad did not risk his life thru fields of bursting anti-aircraft fire in B-24 bombing runs over Germany during WWII so that today’s Congress could actively deny 317 million Americans of their inalienable right to know the full identity of so-called Soetoro-Obama.  Congress and both Parties consciously pretend there is no problem here, some hiding conveniently behind a counterfeit EO 13489, to consciously deny our inalienable right to fully know who we are voting for and who is the keeper of the keys to our nuclear arsenal!  

    Those Americans,, who would timidly surrender their inalienable rights for fear of an illegitimate Chicago mulatto and his army of riotous welfare warriors, attempted-murder-knockout-gamers and food stamp freedom fighters,, are the deserving victims of black male blackmail. - J Mooers 2013

    If you support the Gang of Nine, you support lawlessness and Progressive liberated immorality; you do not support our Founding Father’s Constitution!

    Congress and both Parties must end their conscious racial discrimination in support of Soetoro-Obama, while effectively discriminating against 317 million Americans, to ensure that Soetoro-Obama, while he coyly hides under the cover of darkness of his skin color, is arrested and tried for treason as a wink-and-nod illegitimate Chicago mulatto Counterfeit President!  

    We don’t need a second Civil War, we need to put our individual differences aside, to unite again wherever this Gang of Nine jack-hammered our traditional values apart to divide us!

    We don’t need a sold-out Soro’s [Sorcerer’s] Apprentice Soetoro-Obama who bows to a Saudi King; who derides his white half and punks his black half like some poisoned-packaged-Oreo, who is both a phony DREAM TALKER and a TELEPROMPTER TYRANT all at the same time, who says one thing and does something else, whose supporters suck off American exceptionalism and trample on her flag at the same time just like his personal trainer home-grown terrorist Bill Ayers; a so-called President who is an adulterous homosexual and cocaine-stained-brain political mad scientist, who sucked cock for coke as a “blow-for-blow” teenager, WE NEED AND DESERVE A WHOLESOME LEGAL NATURAL-BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN TO HEED US AND LEAD US!

    Republicans should play their Ace Card and fully identify Soetoro-Obama (even if the godless Demoncrats will play their counterfeit Race Card) instead of asking voters for Republican donations, for those donations are effectively PAY-TO-PLAY-WITH-SOETORO-OBAMA with no intention whatsoever by Romney or Priebus or Boehner to expose Soetoro-Obama’s fraudulent identification since 2008!

    1776- “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION rallied against the Parliament of King George III

    2014- “TAXATION WITHIN LIMITATION rallies against our out-of-control, life-of-its-own obese King Government of Counterfeit President Soetoro-Obama II



    My ancestors came to America in 1638.  When we fast-forward from 1638 to 2014, we see our country in crisis of leadership, with immoral debt, immoral lifestyle experiments from Progressively liberated immorality and Nature-defying God-less thinking aplenty.  Let other countries fail, let other leaders outside America fall on their own swords for their immoral thinking, but we will be different, as God and Nature apparently intended, because We the People of America as Christians invented the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights et al, AND THESE GOD-GUIDED DOCUMENTS OF INTENDED GOLDEN RULE SELF-GOVERNANCE SHALL NOT BE HIJACKED BY MUSLIMS et al OR IGNORED BY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!  We, America, are the resourceful God-guided Christian beacon of light to an otherwise dark and sinister humanity.  Our ancestors and some living today fought for and formed our Republic of 317 million minds and we will not let it collapse on its own weight by the immoral Progressive covered-up Congress-corruption-enabled reckless lawless leadership of NINE TRAITOR-MINDS!



    JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS, PE (Structural- MA, ME, NH, NY, RI),F.ASCE, MBA, LT (Ret.) US Army Corps of Engineers, Grandparent 

    Natural-born American Citizen of natural-born American Citizen-parents since Easter Sunday 1949

  • We are SMARTER and MORE COMMITTED they have the weak minds of the obamaites Followers thinking they are the Chosen to Be the Next RICH! In essense they have been chosen to be the suicide bombers for their agenda and do not even realise they are the dead ones! It is sad to see these people sell out their families, souls, & dignity for A FAUX AMERICAN COMMUNISTIC MUSLIM TERRORIST! I Guess when your weak you are beyond being saved! What COUNTRY DO THEY PLEDGE LOYALITY TOO! NOT AMERICA NOT AMERICAN! AMERICAN SPRING is a coming?? Recall the planes dropping BOMBS on Alqaeda& TALIBAN! our soldiers name them! that where we are at NOW CONVICTIONS MORALS RESOLVE DIGNITY FAMILY RELIGION & THE LOYALITY & LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY THE LAND OF FREE AMERICANS IN AMERICA! 

  • Buy a firearm for your defense with lots of ammunition, buy survival meals for you and your family for a few weeks, locate a non public source of wáter, buy candles and keroscene lamps with fuel, read the Oathtaker´s Blog.  You might want to join them.  Buy gas masks for you and your family.  Do frequent gas mask drills.  Plan an escape route to another area.  Organize a neighborhood security group, don´t shoot first, and more.  Vote conservative in the primaries and in November. P

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