4063883429?profile=original"One of the militia groups who joined the effort to “protect” the Bundy family and their ranch from the armed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rangers admitted they are prepared to use deadly force in self-defense in Nevada or Texas."

Barry and the left are pushing this country closer and closer to civil war ! I'm posting this to warn my people (I know most of you already know this.) of strangers you don't know personally coming in to your group and pushing for actions that are illegal and reckless. Watch out for those who seems way to willing to fire that first shot. That's what Barry and Heinrich Holder wants.

POLL: Is the United States headed toward a Civil War?

That Reichstag moment to throw the military at us like they did at Waco. Face it my friends this country is a police state already. Barry has private armies (The ATF, DEA, FBI, DHS, and many of the nameless wet work variety.) to call upon to kill us for him. But not to close the southern border ! If, God forbid this kicks off you can't stop it with negotiations. You'll have to overthrow the entire system and reset it.  It may take the breaking up of the USA ? I don't have the answers after the fact if the Feds start shooting. Except be as it will to go the distance as that 10% did in 1776.

I look a lot to our founding fathers for the answers. With our present situation ! I've only one statement that seems to cover our problem if the Feds step on it !

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thomas Jefferson

Let those tyrants in DC both liberal and Rino remember that !

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  • The U.S. Military will NOT follow orders to engage in a general uprising by American Citizens.  They are sworn to uphold The Constitution.  If a certain number (very few) Military Senior Officers decide to engage, their orders will be refused down the Chain of Command as 'illegal orders' per The Constitution. WE are The Government.  The president and Congress are ONLY our elected Representatives and Administrators. "I was just following orders." was rejected at Nuremburg.

  • We all know that they are using drones to keep watch on the PATRIOTS at the RANCH. And they are watching everything that they do. Are the drones armed? My guess, yes! Some of them are. But as we know. You can't see them. Hell, they can read a newspaper from 2 miles up! And there is no way one could be shot down. 338 or 50 cal. would not even come close. Wish they had a computer wiz that could  control their use. Then they could see all the gov. blackwater guys on the ground. But to fire on them. NO WAY!!! Can you imagine what would happen then? Jareer Abeed has infiltrated the patriots at the ranch. And there are many. They talk and act like they are for the patriots. Just one of the guys! And some are told to go overboard at times with his or her talk. But to strike the ranch with a H.E .round? Will never happen. Unless a war had started. Then all bets would be off.

  • Historian said

    "I don't know what the Reichstag moment is"

    Any event which gives the government the excuse to put into place more restrictive measures on the people. The Reichstag fire decree happened after the Reichstag fire in 1933 Nazi Germany. It basically put the German people under martial law. No free speech. No free news media (But they're Barry's pep squad anyway.) and the bases for the one party state that Germany became. Remember Rahm "dead fish" Emanuel most used quote "Let no crises go to waste" ?

  • Contempt for government when we are a nation of laws is serious.  The former nation we live in is threadbare and falls to the bribes of foreign leaders.  The internal struggles are based on the age old battle lines and many of them are justified.  To surround this government and put the basic laws back in place should be first and foremost to all who serve it.  The Republic for which it stands is now a prison nation.   The flash points are everywhere and it is very serious.  From the flash-points of the Korean war to now the constant droning of battle has left no-one unscathed.  

  • I am hearing rumors that Drones have been approved for use @ the Bundy Ranch. Not sure if I believe that or not. Either way, "IF" they ARE deployed, that will be the new beginning for all of us. A full blown Civil War WILL begin. Even B/O must realize that by now.

    Let them apply Martial Law. We CAN defeat them if/when the time comes!

  • I don't know what the Reichstag moment is or what it has to do with this Marxist government, but it sure can lead to the Sparatcist league moment when the Spartacus league  was soundly defeated by a few thousand patriots, that rejected the communist tyranny. Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Leibnitz went too far, and Bela Kuhn went too far. They paid the price. Brutality is the trademark of the left. It will be their undoing.  I'll have to think on the Heinrich Holder epitaph. Could that have a reference to the black supremacist sentiments of Eric Holder?

  •  I'm afraid I don't have your confidence, John.   We WILL lose in November.    Here's how.  The social democrats know that they don't have to convince everyone.  Just 51%.  They know that they have enough low-information voters who believe the lies they tell and that's enough for them.  Just listen to Harry Reid.  You don't think he knows what he is saying are lies.  He knows they are lies.  But like any good salesman, he knows no matter how lousy the product and no matter how many lies he tells some will buy...and that's enough for the salesman to make a living.    And what they can't get through lies and crooked deeds they will get through massive election fraud...just like in 2012.  And no one will do a damn thing about it.    Yes, blood will be shed in November but it won't be theirs.  It will be ours... and we won't do anything about it.  My uncle used to say,  "After all is said and done, more is said than done."

  • Not all 'Blood' need be shed on the Battlefield - - - 'Blood' can & Will be shed in the Voting Booths across The United States come November, 2014

  • Remember the out cry when the MSM got the person stating that women and children were there to be used as food for powder ? The cry's of outrage from the left and certain right wing media ? The left hates when you use their tactics against them. In the great words of Sargent Barnes (If the Feds step on it !) "We can't fight this war with one hand tied around our B*lls !" the conflict has already started. You see it in the news all the time now. But be passive, but ready and let them see what it's like now to face those admittedly distasteful tactics. But you gotta use what they use against them and we may get out of this in one piece !

  • Joan M Dixon

    "We should do like we did in the Indian wars---you kill the chief and the warriors went back to camp."

    Again advocate nothing illegal even in the abstract or vague ! Anything that can be taken out of context by the MSM to make us look bad or get the gestapo on your door step. Plus those that you would be after would be in the most secured bunkers known to man. When they know the jig is up they would run like rats leaving a sinking ship, like criminals always do when they get caught. Remember what you're dealing with here. These are harden IMHO communists and criminals. They don't play by the rules and make sure they can slime away if it gets rough. Again DO and SAY nothing ! Give them no excuse to start filling those FEMA/concentration camps. Have your cell phones ready to record the first slaughter of innocents ! It's coming I can feel it. Then ! Then CRY HOVAC ! Let slip the dogs of WAR ! Show no mercy for them cause you'll receive none. Remember Waco and Ruby Ridge ! That's what you'll get if you show weakness!! I always remember what was told me a long time ago by a ROK Marine Sargent when he was prepping for an op in the 1970's. "We would go through VC village shoot anything that moves and resists. When all over then give aid and comfort !" My friends if the Feds are stupid enough to kick this off? Be hard and ruthless for they will be.

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