Psychopath criminals are destroying our country.

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP- activist -

"Americans must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."


True Americans are the ones that stand for our Constitution, our God given rights, our laws and God’s law. Seek the truth and expose the collaborators, the people must know the truth.

Predator corporatism enslaver the working class and destroyed the Middle Class.

Learn about Psychopath, they are human predators that must be expose and destroy. 

Fellow Americans, It is nothing wrong with being rich, but when the rich use their wealth to enslaver humanity,  it is a crime and a sin against God’s law;  and must be stop and destroy. 2016 must be the year that WE THE PEOPLE, take control of our government and eradicate the rich greed and the love for money and power. The sins, of Rich of our country and the political and corporate Psychopath criminals; must be expose and make them accountable for their crimes and force them to confess before God all mighty for all their sins committed against humanity.

God command us to demise the greedy psychopath that rule our country and give us the responsibility to change this path of self-destruction, and establish a moral leadership and social justice in our country.  Our legacy will be defined by what we do today for the salvation of our country and the future of our children and the people of our country.

This is the truth; our country’s corrupt politicians, the IMF, The world Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank, The US financial system the bankers and the US predator corporatism are a major part of the network of Psychopath  criminals that have formed a system of collaboration to control the world’s natural resources and humanity.

The new world orders ideology is; one government control by the rich bankers (The IMF and the World Bank). The advocates of this ill global control of all natural resources and humanity, claim that the people of this world will be better serve by the one government system, for peace and prosperity; but the reality of world control by the bankers is the enslavers of humanity to benefit the few billionaires that today control our governments and are getting richer at the expenses of the working people, the producers of goods and service and consumers of their own productivity that do not benefit them, but the rich that control what the people produced. The end result is the slavery of the people. Today the whole world is experiencing the impact of globalization, the world working class is working for low slave wages,  while the ones that control the business and the bankers are getting  rich and powerful to control our lives and our future through our government that is part of this network of  Psychopath that want to control the world.

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All American People Need To See This. 

The rich control our government and get rich at our expenses.

This documentary by Jamie Johnson

The super-rich benefit from the poor.

Predator corporatism enslaver the working class and destroyed the Middle Class.

Remaking American, it’s up to us vote for American in 2016

Life in the US Empire

US homelessness & poverty at an alarming high


We are the solution. We need to prepare United we can do anything. 

Fellow Americans, we must think; who are worst the criminals Psychopath that commit the crimes against Americans and humanity, or the ones that know the truth and what is taken place in our country and do nothing to stop it, and remain silent and cover-up the truth.

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