Prove Ovomit is eligible

We all know that Ovomit has hidden every record of his past, including anything that could prove or disprove he is eligible to be POTUS. Both parties are required to certify that their candidate has met the requirements of the Constitution and can lawfully be POTUS.  The DNC actually changed the wording of the certification as they KNOW he is not eligible.  So the question remains, and it is of immense importance to America, how do we know he is eligible?

Since we have no original, verifiable, documents that have not been altered to prove or disprove his eligibility, we really do not know.  However, we DO know for a fact that Ovomit was adopted by Lolo Soetoro at which time he became a citizen of Indonesia.  No one can deny that as the document has been factually proven to be authentic.

Knowing this, why hasn't a single member of congress challenged his eligibility?  There are only two answers. One, they are too cowardly to challenge him for fear of being labeled a racist. Or they are complicit with his fraud and therefore his treason.

It is past time to DEMAND that congress charge Ovomit with fraud. If they do not, then they must be complicit and therefore they must be arrested along with him.  Failure on the part of Americans to force this issue will prove we are not worthy of the title of American, and deserve whatever congress does to destroy us.

I for one refuse to accept his presidency for the reasons stated above.  It is one reason I filed charges of Treason against him.  While nothing happened yet, the FBI did acknowledge to me that I was not the only person who had made such charges.

Doing nothing assures that every unlawful act Ovomit has committed will remain in force, and every law he has destroyed will remain destroyed.  So what will YOU do America?

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