Prosecute grayson for Hate Speech

Alan grayson was clearly looking for a response when he spewed his putrid vitriolic hate speech.


Here’s mine.

  •  grayson is not worthy of either title, Representative or Mr.
  • His hate speech falls below the bottom of the moral sewer into criminal
  • He did a disservice to both his fellow democrats and to the House of Representatives
    • To his fellow democrats by shining light on the fact that the KKK is uniquely democrat
    • To the House by providing a public example of the trash that is in there.
  • With failure by obama to rebuke such racist behavior and instruct grayson in civility, the House needs to Censure grayson in the strongest terms.
    • He should be relegated to latrine duty on the 1st shift.
  • IF The House does not severely censure him, it will signal Americans that both democrats and republicans have turned against them.
  • ALL democrats who fail to join in censure should be exposed as grayson followers/supporters.
  • After his prosecution for hate speech, he should be drummed out of any and all jobs of public trust.
  • He is truly despicable.







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  • All 535 "officers" of the USA are the "government" & no longer mere citizens running their mouth. Their public pronouncements are acts of government officials that are subject to truth, fidelity, oath, and duty of elected office… democrat, republican, whatever ALIKE!

    The lame-stream media are all regulated by the FCC & SEC, which are agencies reporting to those 535 officers’ executive office. Those media corporations are licensed and operating at the will of those government agencies and their duty of office directly up the chain of command to the executive.

    Citizens must bind the “535” to the Constitution! Amend-5 "No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury; …nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law..." Amend 14 "...nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws" (BO care). The Constitution overrules all else. All courts, local, state, and federal are sworn to uphold the Constitution! The Constitution is what is written and can only be changed by amendment! Demand a jury be given an exact Constitution document copy and Webster's dictionary for instructions. Let the cleansing of corruption begin to reestablish truth and virtue. Force the issue by civil and criminal suit demanding a jury (Amend 7), not a corrupt judge!

    If a snake is hiding half way in a hole, cutting off what you can see works. Just make sure the other half stays put till it can’t bite anymore!

    PS  Look at the executive organization chart - it's corrupted top to bottom.    Recall works & you don't have to wait a life time to boot them out of office.    When the dominoes fall let justice rein once more.

  • Virgil,

    What is your issue with hate speech?

    To my knowledge there are no Criminal laws for telling lies, unless you are under sworn oath.

    If you argue that having taken his Oath , he IS under sworn oath, then have at him.

    Regardless of those refinements, there are laws against hate speech. And I believe grayson went far beyond crude, rude, speech.

    But why wait for civil lawsuits based on lies and you have to prove defamation.

    The House can CENSURE him severely

  • I have a problem with using the word hate speech. However, I think he should be sued to the Nth degree for lies he has posted. I have a question as this idiot is in Florida. Did the former black Congressman loose to this tripe for revealing all the Maxists, mostly in our Senate?  We know the far left did all they could to support his oppenent as he is an honorable man! They do not know honor as that suggests being resposnsible for our action, and what Liberal is not always in denial?

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