prologue to Mr Jackson in Washington 2015

This is the most you will see the rest you have to see the film or book when it comes out.
It is suppose to be horrible, we all hope it never happens!
Mr Jackson in Washington 2015
America under Socialism
The Story
The Family Prevails
Characters and places are fictional
Copyrighted under the laws of United States.
No copying of this manuscript with out the written permission of William Quayle Jr.

The Twilight zone opening that we all hope never happens!
John Kaddlehopper and his wife Kitty are 100 miles away from the closest desert town Micaville, Nevada. They are in a federal internment camp that is nick named "poverty central". It is a horrible place for the nation that hides it’s poor. Twenty thousand plus live in buildings without windows. The train that delivers new residents has no windows. Bats fly through the open bay buildings that are like barracks; through the cracks scorpions and tarantulas creep in from the desert, and are found on resident’s walls. It is like the bats, scorpions and tarantulas are the sins of the American government against it’s people. There is only a curtain between residents of "poverty central", and you can hear a pin drop and hear it at the other end of the, open bay, buildings. John and Kitty have to do responsibility therapy, that is slave labor for which that they only make $1.25 a hour. When they get paid for working 80 hours it’s not a happy moment; it is a attack on their self esteem. There is no recreation in this internment camp. All John and Kitty have is each other this proves to be a time their love for each other; their marriage prevails and they survive because of it. This is just the tip of the iceberg for not paying their government mandated health insurance. The events that put them in this horrible place is a American federal government under socialism that is gone too far and running everyone’s life. The crumbling American families has caused reliance on the federal government to pick up the pieces where the traditional structured family values are getting a thing of the past. John and Kitty’s children have been put by court order in a foster home. The Federal Government by legislation has split up a perfectly good family. Senator Jackson in Washington gets wind from John Kaddlehopper writing him and vows to repeal or roll back the taxes, health insurance law, that put them in the internment camp. The national press is proactive toward John and Kitty and in result national demonstrations are seen in Washington that are the biggest ever seen before.
While this is happening Senator Jackson is putting on a most historic filibuster to free John and Kitty. The protests are so loud you can hear them when the Senate doors are open.

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