"progressives" in The Media

4063693180?profile=originalThe American mainstream media has long been sympathetic to the “progressive” cause. For decades they have made subliminal editorial decisions regarding their reportage in favor of “progressive” concepts and candidates. They, along with teachers, professors, Hollywood producers, screenplay writers and actors have slowly, carefully but consistently nudged American thought farther to the left.

Case in point: Edward R. Murrow, who was a member of the John F. Kennedy 4063693097?profile=originaladministration and later awarded the Medal of Freedom by Lyndon B. Johnson. Murrow is best remembered for TV news reports that led to the censure of a pro-America Senator Joseph McCarthy. The memory of Murrow is championed by “progressive” outlets such as Newsweek Magazine and NPR. The “progressive" former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann considers Murrow his idol. Members of today’s “progressive” media and “progressive” academia view Murrow's name as synonymous with journalistic excellence.

By the year 2008, once the nomination of Barack Hussein Obama as the "progressive" Democratic Party’s candidate for president was secured, the "progressive" Party Pravda, also known as the American mainstream media, moved beyond the subliminal (and sometimes not so subliminal) bias they had manifested for decades and entered the realm of advocacy.

4063693193?profile=originalMake that "progressive" advocacy.

Media bias against Conservatives and in favor of “progressive” concepts and candidates is nothing new. Look at what they did to Joseph McCarthy, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Dan Quayle and Andrew Breitbart.

However, in today’s world their tactics have exceeded bias and grotesquely mutated into deifying "progressivism" while vilifying Conservatism. Look at what they have done for Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Look at what they have done and are doing to Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Allen West, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and Benjamin Carson.

At each and every available opportunity, the “progressive” Party Pravda has eagerly jumped to wrongly 4063693215?profile=originalsuggest that every violent public occurrence was likely committed by a potentially dangerous, Conservative right wing Tea Party extremist type. For example, take the cold-blooded Gabby Giffords shooting, the tragic Newtown Connecticut murders and the Boston Marathon Islamo-fascist terrorist bombing.

4063693255?profile=originalMeanwhile, what did the “progressive” Party Pravda do to truthfully report what happened in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012, when four Americans were left to die? Did they level with America and disclose that the Obama administration was involved in a massive presidential election year cover-up or did they knowingly and willfully repeat White House talking points in order to aid and abet Obama’s re-election? How about the Department of Justice’s ill-advised, ill-fated Fast and Furious gun running operation which intentionally put semi-automatic weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, where those weapons were involved in the slaughter of hundreds of Mexican civilians and a U.S. Border Agent? Do Americans know the real unemployment numbers and why the reported numbers are artificially low? How many Americans know that the U.S. Senate, under the so-called leadership of “progressive” Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) consciously neglected to pass a budget in four years? Do they know about the gruesomely bloody late term abortion/murder trial in Pennsylvania of Kermit Gosnell? What do they know about the death toll in Syria’s ongoing civil war?

The "progressive" Party Pravda is government controlled media telling the American public what 4063693278?profile=original"progressive" politicians want them to think, want them to focus on and where their attention should be directed.

Trusting information disseminated by the “progressive” Party Pravda is a fool’s errand. They are not to be trusted. They are hiding the truth about America’s political system, the federal government’s centrally planned “progressive” controlled academic agenda, the degenerative nature of American popular culture, and intentionally misleading the public about events, facts, figures and the importance of adhering to and restoring America’s exceptional values and historic traditions.

Thanks largely to the “progressive” Party Pravda’s reinforcing wrong headed ideas being infused into the minds of the voting public by academia and pop culture, Americans are seemingly unaware of the shift in America’s political dynamics. They are oblivious to the swing away from the now obsolete century plus old Republican versus Democrat political paradigm.


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  • CM miller..I agree with you 1000%..we start uniting and fighting the assualt on our country from with in, house to house, family to family...I already boycot all follywood BS and boooks,papers..wish my husband would quit watching NBC news at night..drives me crazy...old habits for him are hard to break.....I stick with Levin, Beck, Savage etc....

  • @Michael @Historian @Walt @Lawrence:

    Wonderful how we all have a piece of the puzzle and we each add to it; it takes all of us.

    1.  TELEVISION We need our wealthiest conservatives to create a brand new, free access, advertising sponsored,  Broadcast Television Network to rival ABC, NBC, CSB to begin to counter the msm Left/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist Democrats.  WE need to demand the end of public funding of Liberal PBS. 

    2.  HIGHER EDUCATION As Christians we must commit to withdraw from participating in any government funded schools.   Our children should attend colleges that don't take any government funding, e.g., College of the Ozarks, Patrick Henry, Hillsdale College, etc. Let's create a list from a drop down menu here on the Tea Party.

    3.  HOMESCHOOLING AND CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS must focus on educating about the free enterprise system, free markets, the successes of the U. S. A., the Constitution, the intention of the founders that government be limited, the opportunity of a free society, the history of the founding of our country by Christians. 

    4.  SCHOOL CURRICULUM The desire to be a teacher may be admirable, however, they should work to reject Common Core, close the Department of Education, reject public schools, unions, PERA fat retirements, and only teach at private schools.  Without access to our children, with no need to build more corrupt schools, government will have fewer excuses to fund a system for which there is no need.

    5.  In every way we need to create our own economy, our own schools, our own companies.  Do not give people who are committed to our downfall our money to be used against us.




  • @Daniel,

    My worries about mailing anything to these sneaky traitors is someone will get wind of it and try to set us up lacing poison on a teabag or envelope, or something. They just cannot be trusted. Marches at their headquarters won't faze them either but it will annoy them. Where are the headquarters for the alphabet media located?

    Then again maybe just local TV newsrooms that air CBS,CBN, ABC, NBC & MSNBC. Most every major city in every state has a satellite location. In Kansas, I believe they are located in Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita. You might check your area.

  •     The MSM is NOT sympathetic to the progressive communists , they are the LEADERS of the progressive communists . They are treasonous America hating b--t--ds ,  They are totally responsible for putting the avowed communist Obamass in the White House AND protecting him as he DESTROYS our constitutional republic with every means at hand .  Don't believe me ? Just ask the Russians and PRAVDA , the communist EXPERTS .

  • The majority of Americans NEED to wake up and stop the msm B.S. .

  • The term "progressive," just sends a chill down my spine.  They put out so much misinformation and diatribe that it is totally beyond belief.  I, my family, and several friends that I know have ceased to view the liberal outlets. As if there are not enough bone heads like Chris Mathews and the like that are spreading their poison around, the liberal networks have to import fools like Piers Morgan.  I have said on previous occasions that Piers needs to go back to His country and try shooting his mouth off there.  He is so against our 2d Amendment and having our guns taken away, that he had signs posted on his property warning the public that his property is protected by armed security.  This tells me that he wants the same protection that legal weapons owners desire ; but, does not have the intestinal fortitude to get his own hands dirty and take care of his own situtation , he just pays another party to do his bidding.  This is a "progressive" at his finest.  I' understand that the "Progressive" Insurance is owned in part, or at least suported by George Sorros.  All conservitaves should steer clear of this  organization or any others that are controlled by the liberals whenever possible.  Start depriving them of their livelyhood and this will hurt them and put a crimp in their style.   The Tea Party Forum is a great avenue for the members to shed light on what is happening and I send e-mails to my list to start reading the articles on our output; what would be nice is to have a News Media Type of outlet to let the world know not all Americans are not sitting  back and  resting on their laurels...or previous laurels. 

  • Progressives = Marxist/Socialists in the media, just calling a spade a spade.

  • "progressives in the Media"? Call them what they are....communists !

  • The amazing thing to me is how much they think of their own opinions, and how they use them to color the real story. Their egos have to be close to Obama's. God knows there's not one bigger than that, except maybe those of his backers.

  • Why do so many continue to watch and support these people? Conservatives that watch these channels are supporting the enemy. Without people these people would be gone. Solution of not watching is to easy for most people. We complain but continue to fuel our problem. I don't believe the vast majority of conservatives have the fire in their guts to fight back yet. All we have to do is change our habits and we can create havoc on the enemy. The like to spend our people money,if it is cut off they will have to spend their OWN and won't like that.

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