The foremost priority of the federal government is to protect the people; the foremost priority of the people is to control the government.

Each and every morning as I place my hand over my heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance (yes the entire thing) I am reminded by those stars and stripes of what America really is. America is not one man in the White House, nor is America the representatives that sit bickering in what used to be hallowed halls. We the people… That, ladies and gentlemen, is America. You the small business owner, the factory worker, the teacher, the farmer, the truck driver, the railroad worker, the timber worker, the sailor, the soldier, the Marine, the airman – and all of the others that I did not list – you are America.
It could be said (and it is said by some) that the days of civil liberties, basic human freedoms, religious freedoms, and common sense have passed us by and are now in antiquity. I not only zealously disagree I laugh at such a notion.
We are a representative republic where the states should have control over much of what the federal government has taken from them. We are the United States of America not the federal government of America.
Thousands and thousands of men and women have sacrificed their very lives so that the dream of America would not die. How is it then that we are allowing our freedoms, those very freedoms that they fought and died for, to be taken from us while we complacently sit by? How is it that we are more concerned with our social media, actors or actresses, sports figures, entertainment, and plethora other distractions then with the state of our beloved union?

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