If you were the new President, would the following be an avenue you would explore?

Please respond first with YES or NO

and then offer an explanation if you so desire.

A Republican president, who is interested in demonstrating that the Republican Party is interested in the economic health of former USA businesses, should rescue those businesses from the other countries, by offering incentives that are too attractive for businesses to resist.  The cost of moving back to the USA should be tax deductable with all receipts and invoices presented.  The cost of purchasing property on a percentage of property required to place the buildings will tax deducted on a three year schedule.  Those businesses that do not relocate in inner city districts or who are not concerned with manufacturing will receive free property tax for ten years in addition to an income tax fee of only 50% of the going rate.  No matter what the company's function is, and no matter where it is located, the company will have those regulations that make it difficult to exist removed.  Desired results: Returning former USA businesses to the USA; skilled and non-skilled people who have been accessing government assistance would no longer require government assistance; skilled and non-skilled people who have been working inn positions whose compensations are less than what once the worker's standard may return to a higher plateau of salary.  There would be a creation of small stores surrounding the businesses with food and other needed items which would also help in the tax base and with unemployment reduction; and company-school relationships could be established to create scholarships to workshops, to work-related camps, and/or to college, and to sponsor field trips; and to cause a lowering of the inner city unemployment rate.

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  • Marlene, your last point is excellent! How about doing both, closing the border AND turning it into a training base to keep those criminals out...

  • IMHO, this is a multi tiered issue, with multiple tiers of solutions.

    1.  Offering an amnesty on taxes for returning businesses would bring home a lot without additional benefits.

    2.  Additional motivation should be provided MOBILIZATION BASE PRODUCERS.  Make their return income tax free for a minimum of 10 years and amnesty on taxes caused by the return.


    3.  Small businesses could be additionally motivated by grants or low interest loans from a fund set up and funded by an import tax on all the crap that comes in from China only to soon take up space in our overfilled landfills.   If they happen to be MOBILIZATION BASE PRODUCERS, ALL THE PRIOR BENEFITS LISTED SHOULD APPLY. 




    5.  Close the border or turn the entire border into a mile wide defense training base to reduce the illegal immigration problem.

  • Hi Oren, I like the idea of restoring the missing Thirteenth Amendment ...and all the illegitimate amendments (today's 13th and up) will go away or get aborted.
  • The first thing that needs to be done is stop the NWO in it's tracks. The very first thing to do is get rid of the Federal Reserve which is not federal, it is privately owned. The bank notes we use is for debt.  It is backed strictly by air, hence the mad printing of dollars to further enslave us. They say inflation is flat. They do not account for food, gas, power.  Not wanted items, needed items, in order to keep one civilized. They control our power infrastructure (shutting down coal fired plants, which is our cheapest energy).  They control who we must buy our oil from instead of us having our own oil and becoming self dependant. We now sit on more oil then Saudi Arabia. We have tons of natural gas.  They leave us open to attacks on our energy grid which needs to be updated.  Our military is so far away that they could not respond in time if anything should happen to the mainland. Talking about a complete takeover from within which is happening right now.  We are not coming up with any real paying jobs. Unemployment figures are off the true scale, not what the propaganda tells us. The news people are complicit in acting with the government. All part of the plan. These people running us are true devil worshippers.  Names of past presidents are George Bush Sr. Bill and Hillary Clinton, all are a part of it. They are either part of the skull and bones or are 33rd degree masons. Obama is in there as well, plus he is an illegal. He was groomed to ruin the nation, and he was falsely elected both times. He was never vetted properly. But this has nothing to do with what the question was so will leave it at that. Just a warning.

  • Col. Nelson, I LOVE your ideas, especially about the EPA and all their unending regulations that destroy businesses.  I don't know of any state that wants dirty air or water, so the states should regulate these things and just get rid of the EPA as there is no one controlling what they do.  Another thing I would add is to break down the unions!  Over the past 20 plus years, they've destroyed a lot of the manufacturing in this country by their demands for higher wages.  Heck, I'm a retired Registered Nurse, graduating in 1965, and the most I ever made, in 1991, was $16.60 an hour!  And, I had all that experience in the area where I was working.  I really don't call that fair, compared what the auto unions were demanding their workers be paid.  Thank you for your service, sir.

  • Require all welfare recipients to find work within three years or be terminated from welfare... Contract inner city clean up projects and programs, that mandate all able bodied welfare recipients work to qualify for their assistance... cleaning up streets, removing blighted buildings and garbage or any other jobs the city or county may need done and that they are capable of doing. 

  • Things that we can legislate too bring back our heavy and light industry...

    End US Free Trade Policy as it now exist... revoke all Free Trade Treaties and Agreements where our partners in the agreement have violated any of its provisions... that should dump all of our Free Trade Treaties...

    Invoke Constitutional Tariffs and Imposts as needed to create a level playing field for company's desiring to manufacture or do business in America while competing with the Third World. We can not expect any light or heavy industry to compete with .12Cent an hour wages paid in places like Bangladesh or Thailand. Giving international corporations access to our markets without requiring them too pay for that access is ignorant and destructive to our standard of living and economic stability.

    Review all EPA and OSHA regulations and cut them back to those that are essential to the basic needs for sound but rational environmental and occupational safety standards. Require any EPA or OSHA regulation too be approved by the US Congress before being implemented. 

    Review Nuclear Power standards and requirements too promote safe, clean and ABOUNDANT electricity from nuclear power... 60% of France and Germany's power comes from clean, safe nuclear sources.  End the ignorant and destructive tirade against nuclear power.

    Review all the charters for national monuments, parks, wilderness, oceanic preserves,  zones, and other federal lands are available for reasonable access for private development of any natural resource critical to the US economy. Open up all public lands for the rational public development of energy, mineral and other natural resources. 

    Review and cut all unnecessary federal regulations on business... with a goal to reduce the regulatory burden on business by 70% in 4yrs.

    Cut the maximum corporate Capital Gain taxes on US generated income to 5% on short term gains and 2.5% on long term gains... Increase capital gains taxes on foreign income to 45% for short and long term capitol gains.  Tax all capital leaving the US at 20%... stop capital flight. Provide a 20% tax credit for returning capital to the US... bring back capital to the US.

    Increase the Small Business Administrations lending authority to guarantee new business start up loans to heavy and light industry.

    Pass a law that all government contracts must go to US owned, operated and located... contractors first... no foreign subcontractors.  All US contractors must use US Citizen labor... unless specifically authorized by Congress to use Resident Alien workers.. and no US Citizen is available to do the job.

    Reform US Immigration law too stop the immigration of foreigners when the unemployment rate is above 3%... without a specific waiver by Congress, on a case by case basis.  Mandate employer verification of immigration and work status before hiring... make it a criminal felony to knowingly hire an illegal alien.  Give all present employers 180 days to verify the immigration and citizenship status of all employees hired in the last 10yrs... US Birth Certificates and Pass Ports are proof of citizenship... not drivers licenses. Adopt a modified version of Mexico's Immigration laws... make it a felony to enter the USA without proper permission on the first offense.

    Review the citizenship of all naturalized citizen over the past 10yrs for fraudulent applications, oaths, and untrue statements used to obtain citizenship. Hold hearings to revoke anyone's citizenship obtained illegally.

    Offer abated or reduced property taxes for building and opening new businesses in areas designated as blighted... but require the business to remain a minimum of 5yrs after these abated taxes run out... or they must repay all taxes plus penalty's and interest as if they have failed to pay the full tax rate. 

    Offer job training assistance... for start up heavy and light industry.  Subsidize the salary of workers up to 20% for the first 90 days for semi skilled workers such as machine operators and welders, extend that training wage subsidy up to 1 year for highly skilled workers such as machinist or tool and die makers.

    Provide Federal Assistance to build and operate vocational training schools in blighted areas... only in conjunction with an employer willing to guarantee all graduates a job upon completion of the training.... or to reimburse the federal government for their training.

    Pass A bill that ends all minority set offs or preferences for hiring or contracting... use non-discriminatory standards for hiring and contracting.  Treat all companies and individuals equally consider, only object hiring standards when employing or hiring for the government or government contractor. 

    End access to Social Security by resident aliens unless they work 80 quarters and retire within the US or its territories.  No payments to aliens that live in foreign countries.

    Revoke resident alien status to any alien that accesses any social welfare program... or fails to pay all their taxes, federal, state or local.  End any earned income credit for resident aliens.  End any state or federal educational assistance for resident aliens or their children.  Require resident aliens to pay a portion of their children's public education... at least 5% of their wages, above minimum wage. Require all resident aliens to have adequate medical insurance on themselves and their dependents. Permanently revoke any resident alien who is found driving without insurance or a valid US Drivers license.

    Restrict employment to US Citizens in any area classified as depressed or blighted.

  • Carolan, I had a link that I was using in the various blogs that I did not create that you could have bumped into.  Here is that link:.  Place your cursor on the link and left-click it to see the link box.  Or, click COMMAND CENTER,  click FORUM, go to the window SORT BY and click on the down menu arrow.  Select CATEGORIES.  Scroll down and begin looking on the left for the various types of categories.  One is PATRIOT SOLUTIONS.  Click on PATRIOT SOLUTIONS.  The first three discussion listed ate are "featured discussions."  The next is ours.   Or, as I said, use the following link.  I wrote with Linda Hahn yesterday.  She is not able to help.  It is up to Dee.  She has had a plethora of various e-mails from me and she replied to none of them.  Here's the link:

    Thoughts on Reducing Unemployment in the Inner-City

    Thoughts on Reducing Unemployment in the Inner-City
    If you were the new President, would the following be an avenue you would explore? Let me first invite you to my Forum discussion on how we should in…
  • Ron, It is on the Forum now!  Thanks for the clue!

  • Alright.  I have paced your pertinent comments on the Forum discussion and submitted it.  I see it with its comments placed by me for you. I do not know if Dee distribute it into everyone's e-mailbox, but I can only hope so.  now, I am on to the second FORUM discussion.  I hope it is distributed to everyone's email address.  I ray that God richly blesses each of you!  Thank-you for your participation!  ~Best regards: Jack~

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