If you were the new President, would the following be an avenue you would explore?

Please respond first with YES or NO

and then offer an explanation if you so desire.

A Republican president, who is interested in demonstrating that the Republican Party is interested in the economic health of former USA businesses, should rescue those businesses from the other countries, by offering incentives that are too attractive for businesses to resist.  The cost of moving back to the USA should be tax deductable with all receipts and invoices presented.  The cost of purchasing property on a percentage of property required to place the buildings will tax deducted on a three year schedule.  Those businesses that do not relocate in inner city districts or who are not concerned with manufacturing will receive free property tax for ten years in addition to an income tax fee of only 50% of the going rate.  No matter what the company's function is, and no matter where it is located, the company will have those regulations that make it difficult to exist removed.  Desired results: Returning former USA businesses to the USA; skilled and non-skilled people who have been accessing government assistance would no longer require government assistance; skilled and non-skilled people who have been working inn positions whose compensations are less than what once the worker's standard may return to a higher plateau of salary.  There would be a creation of small stores surrounding the businesses with food and other needed items which would also help in the tax base and with unemployment reduction; and company-school relationships could be established to create scholarships to workshops, to work-related camps, and/or to college, and to sponsor field trips; and to cause a lowering of the inner city unemployment rate.

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  • I am so glad you wrote, Ron!.  In summary then, you are saying, "Make no mistake, the gulf between wages, benefits, and taxes, in the third world, and those in America, are so great that no scheme of tax incentives of regulatory relief (alone) will entice former US enterprises to return. The only sure way to bring back American businesses and manufacturing is through the time tested and tried system of TARIFFS and IMPOSTS on imports.  It will take closing our borders to certain imports and the use of Tariffs on others to bring back Manufacturing to the US. (Definition: IMPOSTS - This word is sometimes used to signify taxes, or duties, or impositions; and, sometimes, in the more restrained sense, of a duty on imported goods and merchandise. The Constitution of the United States, Article 1, Section. 8, Number 1, gives power to congress to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises." And Article 1, Section 10, Number 2, directs that no state shall, without the consent of congress, lay any imposts, or duties on imports or exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing its inspection laws.").  Have I summarized your thoughts correctly, Ron?

    You go one to write: "The advent of Free Trade has stripped America of her industrial power."  Then, you want to rid us of Free Trade?  If so, question 1, how could this be accomplished?  Question 2, could you explain more about the tariffs and imposts you would impose.  You write that, what I have written works within a closed society such as the US, but when used in an open society, such as the multiplicity of nations, it has little or no chance of competing against "third world nations." So we keep what I and others have espoused, but we need to install your thinking.  In order to do so, I need more info.  Please provide that info on tariffs, imposts, and the expulsion of free trade.  Thanks, Ron!

  • Yes....I can not even understand why we would in this great country of ours literally disassemble ourselves. We have nothing left, who are the culprits that are responsible for allowing this travesty to happen ? I suspect Greed as the motive. We need to start over and rebuild our Industries and because we live in a Technological age, we need to be the Masters of Technology and not give it all away. We need to concentrate on our own country and it's people and educate them and get them all back to work. We need to take over and direct our nation to a better way of life starting with the Morals of it's citizens and next the Love for Country and God that our forefathers brought with them and established to create THE PROMISE LAND. We need to end Socialism here in the U.S. and support Small Business, Entrepreneurs and Big Industry...Our laws need to be stronger and for what is right rather than popular. I believe in Capitalism and the American way of Life as I once knew it.. Let's Rebuild and Regain what was lost and make a better America for our children's sake. God Bless America !!

  • No... not as tendered.

    The suggested ways to bring back US business/Manufacturing will not be sufficient to offset the disparity's in third world markets... there is no way to offset .12 Cent an hour wages in places like Bangladesh or Malaysia.  In addition, the offering tax based incentives are also inadequate financial enticements. The taxes and regulatory burden in the third world are considerably less; nullifying any financial incentives the US could offer..

    The only sure way to bring back American businesses and manufacturing is thru the time tested and tried system of TARIFFS and IMPOSTS on imports... Damn the cries of Globalist Corporate Executives who are making huge windfall profits off the so called FREE TRADE policy that has stripped America of her Industrial power.  Tariffs and Imposts have worked since the beginning of our nations history and will work today.

    Make no mistake the gulf between wages, benefits and taxes, in the third world and those in America are so great, that no scheme of tax incentives will entice former US enterprises to return.  It will take closing our borders to certain imports and  the use of Tariffs on others to level the playing field.  Wage differentials, taxes, regulatory costs, etc.,  are simply to great for tax incentives or other administrative and regulatory relief to bring back Manufacturing to the US..

  • We do need to get our industry back in the USA.  We can not be dependent on anyone but ourselves.

  • You are correct.  Greed.  The more the companies are involved with stockholders, the more their greed seems to be.  I think we need a method "scolding" these companies and I believe you of course touched on this as did Marlene and Ted.  We need a method to "invite" these companies back home (prodigal son) and make it their desire to never leave again.  We will deal with subject as well.  Great thinking, Oleg.

  • John, these companies that outsourced and/or off-shored could have simply moved to much less taxed states, many states often provide insentives especially in the last decade, e.g. Texas vs California, Washington vs Witchita, Florida vvs NY ...The USA is a huge country and thank God most of her is still God and Country! These mostly huge companies had other options, they can afford just about anything ...therefore I think they off-shored out of pure greed!
  • Marlene, what excellent thinking! Wow!  This blog has attracted some excellent thinkers.  It's one thing to get USA businesses/factories back home, it is another to keep the so-called competition out when it is all pure junk, cheaply made, and perhaps with ingredients we label "a health risk."  And, it is another to aid new businesses to start and then grow.  I mentioned the small businesses surrounding these larger ones, but I mentioned no help for them to start nor grow.  Your 3% is a great idea.  These small businesses must be owned and operated by US citizens with funding from the 3% tariff, US banks and US financiers.  Sounds wonderful!  Have I understood you well?

  • I have a slightly different take.  All of the cheap crap that comes into this country by the boatload winds up overflowing our landfills.  And, our INDUSTRIAL MOBILIZATION BASE is rapidly becoming nonexistent.  Any country that cannot or won't produce all the items necessary to defend itself in a combat situation puts itself in seriously precarious position.


    Therefore, a 2% or 3% tax on all the imported crap coming into the country is more than justified.  That 2 or 3% tax should be a dedicated tax.  Totally dedicated to rebuilding our Industrial Mobilization Base first and foremost.  That means boots, underwear, uniforms, fabrics, and much more.  The taxes collected from that import tax should be used ONLY to make loans and/or grants to small businesses in the Industrial Mobilization Base range.  Later, it could be expanded to all new small business startups as they are the ECONOMIC BASE FOR OUR COUNTRY.  Giving tax breaks might also be utilized for motivation in the MOBILIZATION BASE industry.



  • Oleg, your thinking is certainly understandable and warrants heavy consideration.  If we give concessions to those who left the country, what should we give those who stayed?  Excellent point!  Stay with me on this, Oleg:  First, let's get our companies back home.  Let's add some penalties if they decide to leave again (Mary Gomez).  Then we will address inner-city business  (next blog) and then (third blog) rewards to companies who never left.  But remember, it was not always the fault of the company that left as pressures were applied on some of those companies and our country's administrations did not respond to help them.  But we will get there, Oleg.  Great thinking!  Stay tuned.

  • So what kind of a message will these incentives give to businesses that could not afford to move or stayed for patriotic reasons, and had to slim down or fold? ...kind of like an upgrade for desertion while paying for their round trip as well ...I think incentives should be given to all the businesses that stayed (especially for patriotic reasons), and as they return to health they will replace all that's been off-shored and/or outsourced. If that doesn't attract these off-shored businesses back, they can stay wherever they're at, they'll have plenty of time to decide their return before they can't afford it.

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