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Precinct Movement Success in California

It's good to know efforts have inspired measurable results in locales across the country. I'm going to speak here of my own state which is the liberal hotbed of California.


Many Tea Party and National Precinct Movements are stressing the importance of taking back our country and our party by becoming Precinct Captains or the local equivalents. Here in CA they are called Central Committee members, and yes, they do have a vote in their party committee at the county level.

My own Assembly District (AD) where I am a new candidate is a perfect example of this success. In AD 49 there are 7 seats available on the Central Committee. For the first time in a very, very long time, we have 12 candidates running for those 7 seats. That's vigor! That is going to bring fresh blood into the party, and most of the new committee members are going to be demanding big changes.

Of course, the filing period for new candidates is already closed here in CA and we are in campaign mode - but we are also preparing for 2012. If you live in CA and are interesting in joining the effort to place new blood on your local party committee, we can put you to work! You can help in a very local CC candidate's campaign or share your own political experiences with folks who are getting their feet wet for the first time. You can also help us prepare for more successes in 2012 - please feel welcome to join us at Precinct California and make your presence felt at the grassroots level.

Ron Robinson
California Chair, National Precinct Alliance
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