I just read a story on the Sons of Liberty site (https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/preacher-perverts-scripture-to-support-socialism/) about a man named "Reverend" William Barber, a leftist hypocrite who calls himself "a man of God" claims the Holy Bible "promotes socialism". This is the same type of blasphemy spouted by other so-called "reverends" like jesse jackson and al sharpton who claim to be doing God's work by hating "white" people and demanding that they be taxed into poverty to "help people of color". Oddly enough I see caucasians as also being "people of color" but the racists don't consider beige to be a color. My skin is beige not white although those promoting racial division refer to me as white and act like my skin color somehow makes me an "oppressor" although I have always treated people the same, basing my view of them based on content of character not on skin color, ethnic background, or social, or economic status. Anyone who knows me even remotely will attest that I am not "racist", "homophobic", "islamophobic", or any of the other phobics liberals like to yap about. I never have and never will cower before political correctness to be accepted by those who use it as a whipping post and an instrument of intimidation. I also don't base my opinions of people on superficial things as liberals do,

One of my pastors, Dr. Ted Estes of Lifechanger Church in Claremore, Oklahoma often speaks of the higher standard that preachers and teachers of God's Word will be held to come judgment day. People like jackson, sharpton, and this fool Barber will one day answer for their perversion of God's Word, a perversion designed mostly to line their pockets with the money of people they deceive and tax funds they are rewarded with for pushing the liberal/socialist agenda. It is sad that people can be so greedy or naive that they can be sucked into the agenda of submission to tyranny. In my 69 + years of life I have yet to see socialism/communism succeed in bettering the overall economic status of the people in any nation it has been imposed in. Look at nations today. Every nation with the name of People's Republic of _____________ (you fill in the blank) is a brutal dictatorship where citizens have absolutely no rights and live under conditions that rival the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Sadly, too many American citizens think of those hell holes as "utopias" because they either can't or won't see the fallacy of the name. Feminists like islam although their base doctrine is that women are nothing but property, have absolutely no rights, and can be stoned to death for merely stepping outside their home without a male relative or show their faces. The "religion of peace" murders homosexuals by hanging them or throwing them off the tops of buildings yet liberals refuse to call them "homophobic" as they call Christians who merely call homosexuality sin and call for homosexuals to repent. Christians do not kill homosexuals but refusing to condone what the Holy Bible calls sin is enough to get us labeled, falsely, as violently opposed to homosexuality. If "feminists" and homosexuals ever get what they foolishly desire they will find out first hand that islam is not a "religion of peace" but rather the cult of rape torture and murder I know it to be. One only needs to accept the reality that is plainly apparent to see where the true threat to society resides but liberals have such a blind hatred for Christianity they can't see the truth. I also believe that liberals accept islam partially because they know my opinion carries a death threat and they would rather live under tyranny than stand for Jesus. They want the illusion "safety" now and are willing to forfeit eternal bliss for temporary comfort now.

Barber is just the latest charlatan to do satan's bidding for fame and wealth in this temporary life while dooming himself to eternity with his "god", satan, in the Lake of Fire. For any liberal moron reading this be advised I am not judging the man but rather am merely stating reality based on my knowledge of the Bible and the understanding of God's intent for us. Pointing out false teaching is not judging but rather providing truth for people to see if they are willing to see it. Jesus didn't preach that government should rob working people to provide for others. Charity is a voluntary thing, both in financial matters and how we use our time and energy. I don't have much money to give to help others but do what I can in that area but also give of my time and abilities to help people  I don't see myself as anything special or better than anyone else but I do see myself as doing my best to live as Jesus taught, putting others first and desiring to serve rather than to be served. I don't look for nor desire the approval or applause from mankind but rather look for approval from Jesus Christ and seek my reward in eternity rather than seeking it now. Anyone who sees the Holy Bible as promoting socialism is in real trouble and needs to repent and seek God's forgiveness before it is too late to do so. People who truly know God's Word can't be deceived by false doctrines because they can recognize His voice when He speaks to them and can recognize the lies of satan and his agents in the world.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 1, 2019


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