Father, God of all Creation, of: not by strength and not by might, but by MY Spirit saith the Lord. Yes Father, You Oh Lord, Holy above all. We all come before Your very presence, and seek Your face, to know and hear Your Voice, and know Your heart above all things this day and in this hour. Strife and a Heinous wrong transpired this day. We all sit, watch, and pray, mortified at the sites and sounds of one of our own Youth gone wrong, horribly wrong. For at his very hands Father, You of all should know the Why of it all. We only know what You've allowed us to know, see, and do, and Oh Father that we could have done much more to have prevented this event, this thing of outlandish proportion to the even younger's which suffered and died at his hand. We all struggle to some extreme with the Questions, recieving a few answers, some consolations about it. And those survivors, Mom's, Dad's, the list goes onward, this entire nation, brought to its knees, seeking Your heart and voice for comfort and wisdom. So, this night oh Lord of Hosts, as we lay to sleep, and ponder our lot, may we remain obedient unto You and hear Your still small voice, that voice of Loving Compassion, You Oh Lord have continually done so sweetly, and we thank You for our Peace. In Jesus' name, amen.

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