We are the people of the United States.    WE are the power, and when it gets to the point of where our country is now,  after decades of plotting and planning against us by our own elected officials, and the POWERS THAT BE behind the scenes,  we are left with no choice but to LITERALLY THROW THESE BUMS OUT...

     You have to realize that this has NOTHING to do with being a Democrat or Republican,  it's about DOING WHAT'S RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY.

     What makes me nuts is that THESE SCUMS that are in Washington think THEY KNOW BETTER than the U.S. Constitution.   YEAH,  the same Constitution that allowed them to get elected.  The same Constitution that THEY SWEAR ON THEIR LIVES with hands on the bible that they will uphold, and defend against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic.

     THE MINUTE YOU DEVIATE FROM THE PLAN,  the plan falls apart.  And what we wind up with is the friggin MESS that we have across this country right now.

     Obama is a complete disgrace.  He's SNEAKY, AND A LYING UNQUALIFIED BOOB

     And for those of you that think i'm picking on Democrats, GROW UP  cause George W Bush, and his loser old man GEORGE H W BUSH are no better than OBAMA.  They're all feathers of the same dead bird.

     THERE IS A  ( MAJOR ) LAWSUIT that's been created by the PEOPLE and what we hope is that we can get the support of all the Tea Partiers out there.

     PEOPLE / TAXPAYERS OF THE U.S.A. ( V ) THE GOVERNMENT & CONGRESS ET AL and this includes over 40 co defendants from Obama to Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Congress, Eric Holder, and all the rest of the losers that have TRASHED this country and CONTINUE to do so at the expense of all of us.  

     This is about to be filed with the U.S. SUPREME COURT in Washington DC and we need your support.  

     This has taken TWO YEARS to create and with exhibits exceeds 1000 pages, and once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down.    IT WILL shock you with details, and information that will make your stomach turn, and make your soul catch fire.

     Let us know that we have your support.   GET A COPY of the lawsuit FOR FREE




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