POTUS 2012

Tea Party folks are independent minded and not all are going to view the primary candidates with equal favor. But we all must agree this time around our country needs real adult supervision, real return to our founding and real and dramatic spending and bureaucrat reduction. We need a presidential candidate that will be a strong face and impressive stance against the current administration, a strong pro-American voice. A clear thinker and speaker that will do what he/she says and have a track record to prove it. Someone that will up-hold the Constitutional Republic and not give in to special interest groups, not talk in cliches and lofty rhetoric. America is the last best hope of earth, we have a huge responsibility, as is said, to those who have much, much is expected. A Tea Party check list must include a candidate that will swear to protect the Sovereignty of the US, no UN, no World Courts no "global" adherence.  The candidate must equate energy and economy in one breath, one focus, one mission. And they must affirm a return to Federalism.
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