Poster Child of Socialism


We can all agree that Hillary Rodham Clinton is no stranger to murder, in fact murder, suicide and unexplained accidents follow this woman like the plague. Don’t forget Mary Mahoney, former White House intern  murdered just before she went public about sexual harassment in the White House by yours truly B. Clinton. 

Most of us remember the suicide story that was spun about Vince Foster, the former White House Councilor and colleague of Hillary R. Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law firm.  Hillary treated Vince’s death with the same nonchalance as the Benghazi murders.

 Vince’s personal information and documents disappeared, never to be seen again – the story goes that a courier had been given the dirty job of shredding any and all of Vince’s information so Vince’s joined the other Clintonian’s who supposedly committed suicide.

When the Arkansas Whitewater, drugs and drug trafficking hit the headlines, it was literally duck hunting season in Arkansas or should I say a bloody massacre of those connected to the Clintons... 

Below you will find a list from White House employee Linda Tripp given under oath to Judicial Watch chairman Larry Klayman in December, 1998.  The body bag count is totally unbelievable – but dead is dead and it’s obvious that those in the know were sent to the great beyond via murder, suicide and/or freakish accidents.

It’s probably not strange that Hillary Rodham Clinton under oath said, “What difference does it make” when referring to the murders of our four Americans in Benghazi.  Hillary Rodham Clinton not only has a massive amount of murders trailing her, but other major problems in her past political history that shows she isn’t above lying, threatening or coercing people who get in her way. 

Present day she lied under oath about Benghazi and immediately removed four mid-level White House officials in her office – you can be sure those four either accepted a pay off or have been threatened with their lives or family lives if they should ever testify against her.

  • Supposedly In 2008, Hillary had her “Bud” Jeffrey Thompson and Troy White (Marketing Executive) promote a shaky campaign in her behalf in Texas, Indiana and N. Carolina.  “A Search Of Federal Campaign Records Found No Evidence That Thompson Or White Disclosed The Alleged Expenditures Or Activities To The Federal Election Commission, As Required By Campaign Finance Laws.” (Ann E. Marimow and Philip Rucker, “D.C. Executive Linked To Secret 2008 Aid To Hillary Clinton,” The Washington Post, 9/11/13)


This woman is the face of Socialism and the shining Liberal star that George Soros has chosen to continue the socialist/progressive agenda. Like Obama she is a Saul ALinsky student and worshiper who represents the greatest threat in our history to the greatest Nation in the World. Obama a Soros puppet is paving the way for the most evil women in America’s history in a Government run amok.  Nothing has stopped this woman so far, not even murder – Americans will be the only ones who can save our Nation.

It doesn't take a majority to make a rebellion; it takes only a few determined leaders and a sound cause.
H. L. Mencken 

As Always,

Little Tboca

Next article or blog will continue vetting Hillary Clinton starting back in her college years and coming forward to 2014.

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  • VIDEO: Hillary Is Furious That We Are Exposing This Secret About Her. She Wants Us To Take This Down ASAP

  • We should all note that AFTER she asked the question, "What difference does it make now", the Liberal media wanted to make a movie to promote the evil witch! The support of Marxism, as far as I know, is still treason because it advocates the overthrow of our freedoms to be replaced by a police state in our Federal Government. That fact is the reason it has been called treason and most assuredly it is!

  • How could any representative elect say what she did? Evil has no borders and Americans seem to be pressed to support  evil. Let us look at real. Would anyone in our government be allowed to say what she did and get away with it? We lost honorable Americans, but we note she is NOT! iS SHE NOT CLAIMING THAT SPECIAL "I AM?"  Is not Obama doing that same thing? Look at Obama's Presidency! Do we not see the Liberal media refusing to support American citizens rights at every level? If you tell the truth, you are racist? The Liberal media has purposely placed racists commentators on their payroll and then yell racism if one tells the facts!

    We have a Liberal media worst than Hitler instigated in WWII and we should note, they accused others of being Fascist for that same reason! Liberal media will destroy America and indirectly, will cause WWIII!

  • I can understand why so many people use angry rhetoric. Look at what these cretins have done to this country over the years and if we can not elect true American Patriots, it with out doubt, will become much worse. Were are now at a point that if the elections of 2014 do not give us control of the Congress, the only remaining solution will be the Second American Revolution. I do not believe we can wait till 2016. Daily the Obama czarist think tank provides Obama with more ratcheting ammo for his illegal Executive Orders. And it seems that almost the only challenges to them are from the Tea Party Congressional members. Remember that at the up coming Congressional elections. I am only voting for those who support the Tea Party. If you feel; the same, let it be know to all the voters that you can. We have to get in high gear soon.

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  • why hasn't someone taken soros out yet?

  •    And the left is already lining her up to run for Pres. in 2016. We need to keep the pressure on to expose the Bitc* for what she is another Alensky portage. 

       I would love to see this abhor ant chunk of scum disgraced and driven into the dust bin of history.

  • I just read Workaholic-Ray's comment about this story.  I do hope Ms. Wood carries, and is ready for anything!  With Hillary, who is not trustworthy in any case, anything can and will happen!

    As far as running in 2016 for the presidency, I greatly doubt if she will make it--"health" issues, whether real or not, will be used against her.  Frankly, I don't think she'll reach the Democratic Convention---but, like others who have had the bad luck to cross her path--she will turn up very, very dead--and it will be the end of the Clintons!

  • Thank you Marcia Wood for posting this story.  Please watch your back for Some NSA type, Irs official, or the like : to come after you. Our prayers are with you for your continued safety.

  • Hit man for Clinton's tells all.

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