In watching c-span this morning, I was reminded why I divorced all political partys many years ago and why I vowed never to make any kind of political monetary contribution ever again, especially when there are more

worth while things I can contribute to, like the wounded warriors, etc.

Both Partys are playing politics with the current uproar of extending the payroll "(SOCIAL SECURITY)" tax, unemployment benifits, medikcaid payments et al as well as the 60 day time requirement for President Oboma to decide which interests to cater to-oil or environmtalist. What a deal, the life of this legislation is 2 months equivilent to 60 days. Oboma doesn't want to alienate either the unions who support the pipe line or the envirometalists wo oppose it. In other words the highest bidder wins my decision. Typical chicago politics like selling his senate senate to the highest bidder.  The democrats continue to attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the opposition and to disguise their desire to continue to finance those who want to kill us by buying our energy needs from those who finance our ultimate destruction.

Meanwhile, the house is abandoning the senior citizens by allowing the misnomered "payroll tax reduction" to continously steal from the funding of the social security trust fund. If they want to give a 2% tax reduction, they should apply that decrease in the general tax rate of everyone earning less than 150,000 per year.  AND they should remove the earnings tax requirement for contributions to the social security trust fund,  AND they should relieve social security recipients with modest pensions from payng income tax on their social security benifits by raising the tax threshold of 30,000 of total income to 200,000 AND they should eliminate the foriegn tax credit for corporations which is how corporations like G E can make trillions of dollars in profits and not pay 1 cent of income tax to the united states, which one of Obomas top financial advisors, jeff Imelt, president of GE would not allow Oboma to approve of.

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