Politics is the Art of Controlling Your Own Enviroment

  I'm new to your webpage and this is my first blog ever:


  I'm just an everyman, I, like so many others have sat idle over the last 10 years as our constitutional rights and privileges have slowly  and meticulously stripped away. I will no longer sit back and wait for a Calvary that is not coming. I have come to the realization that the only ones to get us out of this debacle are ourselves. So what can I do. I have no control over this situation.

 The Tea Party attracted me for one reason only; FEAR. It may sound bad, but fear is a powerful way to control your adversaries, unite your constituents, and BEGIN to control your own environment. And the one thing I have noticed over the past few years is that politicians on both sides of the fence FEAR the TEA PARTY movement for its simplistic honesty and basic agenda. The litmus test for fear in Republicans seems to be compliance on the issues. For the first time in my lifetime I saw politicians begin to bend to political pressure that was Conservative in nature rather than "one more" liberal concession.  The test for Liberal fear has and always be hatred, Liberals have an unnatural, unhealthy, overreaction of hatred towards fear. this is evident in their contempt and hatred to anything that threatens their social agenda. I have never witnessed liberal America HATE anything more than the Tea Party, (Although Sarah Palin runs a close second). Their very lack of composure is very telling.  

 So what exactly do these politicians fear? I think it can be summed up by "lack of compliance". For the last 30 years or so we have been treated to the wisdom of puffed up little farts with a socialist agenda in their back pocket and a list of demands to be filled for the socially disenfranchised. A list that was guaranteed to gain them constituents. Their political strategy was, and continues to be, that If you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on Paul's support. Of course some Republican politicians were bound to jump on the bandwagon and try to do the same, These "Middle road" Conservatives have traded party ideology for the votes of a few. But this only works for them if we all remain compliant. Compliance with the party, Compliance with the socialist agenda, Compliance with the national media who aids in these socialist endeavors.

 So fear brings change, lack of compliance invokes fear, And "We The People" have the power to control our environment through non compliance with media, political agendas of our ideological adversaries, even if they wear sheep's clothing and pretend to be looking out for us.  

  I would love to see this movement increase its recruitment efforts, Arrange more protests, localize more of its efforts, boycott, advertise and reveal the true nature of its ideological adversaries. 

  I love this country, I'm 53 years old, born in 1960. Since I was a child I have watched it slowly change from a proud nation of patriotic Americans with high morals and values into a Godless, graceless, nanny state of morally bankrupt souls.  

 So who knows, maybe this TEA PARTY is part of the answer, Maybe here I can make a difference, Maybe the Calvary is on its way and I can be in it.





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  • They certainly need to be involved more in this genre. In the early days of the tea party it was precisely their physical presence that received the media coverage and increased their ranks, while simultaneously getting their message out.

    If low turnout is a fear then they need to understand and remember the beginning of the movement. In 2003 approximately 140 people turned out for the first Tea party rally in Cincinnati. The next one, less than a year later was over 1500. And its grown since then. To capitalize on National sentiment is crucial. And no issue in our time will bolster more sentiment than this Healthcare debacle.

    As far as the DHS goes; I don't think the Democrats would risk another IRS type scandal while they are still trying to lie they're way out of the last one. And besides if they start coercing and intimidating American citizens for their political views then the flashpoint would have been reached and then we all go out into the great unknown, uncharted, waters of national division.

  • Bravo! But I'm wondering why the TEA Party is not mustering the supporters to a march on Washington. Time is running out. Once Obamacare is implemented Jan1st it is going to be hard to remove, like a cancer intertwined in the system thru out the nation. Larry Klayman and Reclaim America Now Coalition is calling for a march on Washington Nov 19th. Where are the busses lined up like was done to protest Obamacare 4 yrs ago. Why are we not marching on Washington? Where is TEA Party support for these marches. There is a lot more support for TEA Party than is being shown. I think many are being silent out of fear of DHS showing up at their house at 4 AM in the morning. But, if the busses were lined up, they would be overfilled with patriots. I think a march on Washington is our last hope.  

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