Politicians are good at one thing

Politicians are good at one thing,

telling people what they want to hear and smearing on the honey so as to get elected. They aren’t that good for anything else. Case in point, those elected to Congress last election to kill Obamacare and impeach and indict Obama, they did absolutely nothing. They seduce enough people into falling for their snake oil, get elected and do absolutely nothing to help this country or even attempt to live up to their promises, they are good at the rhetoric, they get their seat, their benefits and they relax, the hard work is over. Yes I like Mr. Trump, a great many people do. He is very successful , he’s respected everywhere and has what it takes to put the brakes on our downward decline, and start the process to return us to what we were meant to be. No one can ever accuse him of being timid, and he could hold his own very nicely against the throat cutters in this world who want our and Israel’s demise. He is the kind of man we need now.

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