Politician rant (a brief one)

Obamas policies are disturbing enough, but the sad truth is the liberal media gives him a pass just because he is a Dimwit I mean Democrat. Then so called conservative media like fox news gives him a pass because they are scared of being scene as raciest. Then to top it off, most Americans, just want nothing more than to go to work or collect their welfare check and be left alone. In turn they to give the overall government a free pass thus allowing Obama to just ignore any piece of legislation that doesn’t conform to his dictator mentality.

Thus, it is going to take a lot of work to undo the effects of the Obama administration. Thank God that people are starting to get mad at the system, and say enough is enough. I for one am sick and tired of politicians who have never worked a blue collar job, never had to live paycheck to paycheck, never wondered where their next meal was coming from tell me that they are “looking out for me”, or Full Time employment vanish so big business can get around Obamacare.  Then thanks to Obamacare the working class who can’t make ends meet are forced to pay higher insurance cost. 

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