Politically Correct

     What is our country coming too.  We have to have our attorney with us in order to have a conversation with anyone.  Our country is not our country anymore.  I remember 50 years ago we didn't have car alarms, no one questioned whether you had a gun or not, you went to school to learn and better yourself, no one told you what to eat or you carried a brown bag, you said prays in the classroom to start the morning off, and maybe even the pledge of alliegance, you didn't drop out of school, because you knew you needed a education in order to get anywhere, and you showed your parents respect and all other adults even if they might not be right, until you could show them in a diplomatic way the truth. NO ONE SUED BACK THEN.  We need to get back to our old ways again.  This President and almost all of Congress needs to be replaced with people that put their country first before each other.

                                                                   Thank you and God Bless,

                                                                                    Bob V.

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  • When Americans turn back to God for guidance what you wish will most likely happen.  Why?  Because people will have regained the concept of "conscience."  They will also realize that they came from dust and will return to dust and that we are only here on this earth for a short time but will be in eternity forever, be that heaven or hell....their choice!

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