Political rattlesnakes must be destroyed

By Oscar Y. Harward


A political friend once said that you may encounter individuals as ardent enemies; who deliberately mislead or lie about you and your agenda.


A zealous enemy is equivalent to a wicked rattlesnake.  A rattlesnake bites until stopped.  It is imperative for a wicked political rattlesnake to be stopped.


Hillary Clinton’s political life is comparable to a rattlesnake.  Her entire life has led in multiple scandals; supported by Democrat Party leaders and ignored by many ‘Main-stream’ Medias.


Democrat Jerry Zeifman, a counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee during the 1974 Watergate Investigation said, “Hillary Clinton is ethically unfit to be either a senator or president — and if she were to become president, the last vestiges of the traditional moral authority of the party of Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson will be destroyed.”


As this wicked rattlesnake goes free, this rattlesnake returns to bite you again, and again!


Hillary Clinton has bitten USA; even of American lives, her misuse and abuse of her personal  activity, and in government agencies.


No one has stopped Hillary Clinton; investigated, prosecuted, and convicted her.  For saving our  Constitution, Hillary Clinton must be stopped. 


Will President Donald Trump and US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, be capable  of defeating Hillary Clinton, and her left-wing Democrat Party?


Will Capitol Hill Republicans be strong enough to aggressively proceed in putting Hillary Clinton and many other Washington, DC based criminals behind bars?


Investigate, prosecute, and convict Hillary Clinton.

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  • I question,,, as the tea party been hijacked by the left? I see these idiots such as Madonna crying about what? They don't specify what they're angry about. They have no idea why they're angry, they do so only because they're told to do so. And like robots the only thing they know is what they're told. Unfortunately the individuals that are informing them have long time and old acquaintances with the American Communist Party. They themselves have no idea just how close they came to losing their freedom. They're all willing stand up and complain about nothing. They never specify and they never dignify themselves with an intelligent answer when somebody asks them. My father would have said that this type of individual no educated and highly is a blooming idiot because the education they received was super flawed. Many of the same date that has been used by the Catholic Church against the Christian churches that were Protestant is now being used in our politics. They call right wrong and they call wrong right and a nit pick everything done by refuseing to cooperate on anything. The forefathers called this sedition and I don't have to tell you what president Hamilton did with that do I? Is not wrong to question things and it is not wrong to write things when you see things going wrong. But when you're pulling the stops out make sure it's not the ones in the hall, they're meant to keep from sinking the ship.

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