Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Obamanation of Desolation

Right now he is desolating our Constitution, our country, and all political opposition.

Resistanceis F.U.T.I.L.E

Political and Obamanation Censorship is running rampant at this very moment in time. First of all after theSenate approved the Cyber Security bill that will give Obama the powerto shut down any parts of the Internet at his will, Facebooktook down the Real Alex Jones profile only because he had theDon't tread on me flag (Gadsden flag), FederalJackhas been hacked again so that people can't add any kind of trutharticles, The ObamaDeception and other vital truth (Anti-Establishment) documentarieshave been taken down aka censored by hackers right after it was the topkeyword on Google/Yahoo Trends, and all 73,671blogs hosted at Blogetery were instantly shut down including oneof my multiple USWGO Syndication centers with no Mysql backup sent tothe innocent bloggers including myself just simply because theauthorities demanded the entire server was shut down instead of goingafter the elite of illegal blogs.

This is a total of 4 censorship and Whitewash attacks all at one time and all four isdetrimental to our Constitution, War on Blogs, End of The ObamaDeceptions massive popularity and supreme search rank, Hack hassabotaged FederalJack's truth syndication center, and Facebook will nolonger tolerate Don't tread on me flag supporters.

This means that this had nothing to do with the War on Piracy but this is a Waron Blogs and Piracy was the perfect excuse to shut down tens ofthousands of Independent and even domain name blogs. This definitelyproves this has nothing to do with Piracy because if it did the Innocentones would have never been targeted and the guilty ones would have togo through Due Process.

Anytime Police shut down websites without a court trial this not only violates Due process but also theFirst Amendment of the Constitution which protects Freedom ofExpression AND the Freedom of the Press (Freedom of Speech). So inother words these Police induced server shut downs without Due processare violating two to three amendments of the U.S. Constitution plusdestroys the very thing our American Republic stands for.

So right now the Government has started flexing their muscles against thetruthers right after they shut down 9piracy (Unlicensed Movie Streaming) sites as a warning to truthersthat after he gets rid of all viral filesharing networks he will comeafter the truthers and punish them the same way as movie pirates usingthe Hate Crimes law. It's the same tactic as the CIA using paidpedophiles to seek out and molest kids in order to create an excuse topersuade the public to approve of more strict rules to control theInternet.

This is the future of Military Police Action against bloggers:

This won't end good after these four well thought of attacks it will definitely stifle theFreedom, Liberty, and Truth Movements and that is exactly why I amgoing to backup my site a lot more to prevent being one of thosevictims and store backup DVDs of my websites in undisclosed locations Iwon't tell even if I am detained. They can threaten me, they can talkdirty, they can even call me racial terms but I won't crack, I won'tlet the Government desolate the truth because it's our ConstitutionalRight, it's our God forsaken Right. Obama can kiss my donkey and eventhen I won't give in to that jackdonkey.

I will keep monitoring the Internet for more Pentagon and Air Force Cyber Command basedattacks and report on them as I see them. If this thing gets real ugly Imay dispatch truth DVDs with archives of all of my articles on thefile sharing networks before they are all shut down. Also I may ask mytown mayor if I can host a truth speech and give out DVDs to all of thetowns people.

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