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We sounded the alarm about "change agents" in 1974.  See

As a retired public school teacher I am convinced that our only hope is to rescue our children from the public (government) schools and raise a godly generation.
Please see "Call to Dunkirk" at

Public schools cannot be redeemed. Saying we should not abandon them is like saying the passengers of the Titanic should have stayed aboard because the band was playing good music and the captain was a good man.

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  • Mrs. Icebyt, I mean did she look at who signed NAFTA? I see nothing truthful in what she said. What did the enemy of us all tell Christ, according to Scriptures? He twisted the meanings of them. It is sad we note this today when alternate lifestyle radicals, and I mean those who seem to insist that others should have no choice in what they support, are rampant and aggressive in politics and words, yet they have the same basic rights as long as they do not shove them in our faces! If we do not get what is going on with her and others, we are fools!

    Reagan's idea was to show other Countries, especially Socialists Countries, that supporting citizens freedoms supports a Nation. It is sad that Clinton was such a Socialist that he gave our missile guidance to China. Another fool or what it his die hard wish to support those he wanted to in the first place?

    We notice that President Obama seems to support all of those who do not have Democracy! According to documents about his education he was not just schooled by public schools in the US but by a mentor of the Communist absolutes. His father actually had this man come to the home and give him propaganda! We may note that China just had new leadership given. There was no vote but they are appointed! It makes us wonder if the last election in the USA was to show that people are too ignorant to have a vote for a nation's heads?

  • Karl--

    I listened to the video and Ms. Iserbyt put the blame for NAFTA squarely on the feet of former President Ronald Reagan as being a king pin player in the process of destroying the school system.  Even if he did in fact dirent the process of NAFTA in the way it went, I have a hard time believing as Ms. Iserbyt does that Reagan meant any harm to the school systems in our country. If anything, NAFTA strayed off course over the years. Am I anywhere's off base with my conclusion after listening to this video. 

    Granted,  it was an eye opener for me, but I graduated from High School in 1969.   Mr. Iserbyt is on record as saying the left had been since the mid 30's been well on their way to changing what children learn in the school room, leaning more toward a Communistic style for the future.

    One can only see today how far the children of the 80's and 90' digressed in their education.  Not many of them have even learned how to spell much less think on their feet.

    I agree that since God was taken out of the school systems and replaced with secular teachings, our children are some of the most ill equiped people on planet earth.  The United States ranks very low to other countries like Japan and China in reading, writing and math.

    I don't know Ms. Iserbyt's political positions, but I'm sure after many years she has seen what works in the public school systems and want doesn't.

  • World News.. Obama does not support any major Democracy in any parts of our world. He is a full bloan Communist. Now, we could ask those in Communist Countries what they think about Obama and I mean the Citizens and not their Governments! But we note that the Liberal Media suggests there is no difference in asking people in a country or asking the government of that country!!!!!!

    If we still believe these fools in our Liberal Media, then America is lost as our the freedoms we all love. Women Libists, get ready for control and not what you call choice! Your body in the 50's and 60's was yours. Get ready to see you are not your own, you are owned by the Federal Government! Your choices gone, as the child that suggests they are not responsible, you will blame others or an object or honorable commentator that simply tells the truth!

    It is sad when lack of knowledge corrupts nations and puts them in bondage and this is what N.O.W. and others support out of foolish ignorance. We are in a struggle and it is not gender or race or even nationality, it is on our step to remove all our rights and have them placed as a gift to the Federal Government.

  • Thank you sir for supporting our children against the lies of our Liberal media and anti-American school public system. I am very much afraid that we can do nothing. When I was serving on the East Coast the colleges were already taken over by radical Socialists and Communists. Some friends were dating college girls and it was insane. They were being taught that any basic anti-Socialist move was against people and it was fully believed; stupid that one would believe, but fact.

    In 1962 I was told by a very informed teacher that it was coming! Al lady of great honor. She explained to our entire class what was up and what to look for! Do we see why Obama can do almost anything, including commit treason 5 times and support the International MOB by giving AK-47's to Mexican know felons and the Liberal media says mostly nothing except coverup or sidestep?

    Obama, my Filipino wife told me, has refused to support the Philippines against China aggressions. She said the Army; Marines; and they Navy will fight to keep an island the Chinese Government wants to take and was in the process of doing so. Obama does not support Democracy anywhere, especially here and the rights of our citizens!

  • Once they took the prayers out of the school system they in effect turned it over to the devil.  The children have no protection from the evil spiritual forces that they would have had if the prayers had continued to be said.  Too many Christians and Jews were against it not to forget the Communists/Socialists who tricked both the Christians and the Jews.  The only hope for the school system is the same hope for the country as a whole and that is a sincere return to God by the people.

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