My beloved friends and love one ones in the United States and around the world, I am sending this urgent message to you asking for your support on a very important issue involving a young woman who was attacked and brutalized by Georgia law-enforcement. In that incident her unborn child was viciously murdered. On March 02, 2011, I suffered while resting in the comfort of her Jonesboro Georgia home, committed no crimes,  out of the blue my home was surrounded by swat teams and officers from three different law-enforcement agencies within Clayton county. She was terrorizes; she called 911 frantic for hekp but 911 dispachers were so cruel to this young womam, they threatened her and went as far as telling her not to call back. She was denied critical emergency services rgat could have saved the lives of her unborn child. 

 Hoverer, when she was trapped into her home with nowhere to go and no one to help, this pregnant victim was left to suffer some of the worse, if not the worse brutality in recent history.  Her front door was kicked in and she was brutally attacked in her home by all male officers whom held me at gun point, and tortured her. She was photographed naked before my children and was brutalized to the point where she started bleeding ot the scene,  resulted into the vicious murder of her unborn child "Baby Angel"
To date, this young woman had filed numerous complaints with Attorney General Eric Holder and state law-enforcement agencies.  She had also written numerous letters to President Obama asking the president  to insure that a thorough investigation is is completed into this case. But until present, no investigation has been conducted an no one is held accounted for these egregious crimes.  To the contrary, this innocent victim was framed and set up to stand trial on 15 fraudulent charges that carries maximum penalty of fifteen years in prison and 15 thousand dollars in fines. Please copy and paste the following link to your computer and sign her petition calling upon the attorney general to investigate this gruesome murder.

Thanks and may God Bless you for your support. This message is sent to you by the LIFA Committe, the place where a group of patrotic Americans take time from their daily lives to he help victims of injustice. Membership is free. To learn more about the LIFA Committee and the many lives you can touch by making your voice heard around the world. Please log on to


Thanks and may God Bless you for your support!




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