................Senator Ted Cruz asks us to sign this petition to "Defund obamacare"...For you all that are new to this,when you get to the webpage,it will have the petition to sign and also all of your State Representatives that will not commit to defunding obamacare.Their numbers are posted and if you will,call your representatives and ask them to defund obamacare.When you sign and click on the "Sign Petiton" it will take you to another page asking for donations."DON'T LET IT SCARE YOU"...Just click out of it and go on about your business." IT SEEMS ALL POLITICIANS" are asking for hand outs these days.Thanks for standing up for "We The People" and signing this petition.Also,please consider passing this on to your e-mail friends.Thanks,Bryan..............UPDATE- As of noon Monday 8-5-13 ....Mike Huckabee on his radio show just announced that obama has announced "Congress " will be exempt from obamacare.Please pass this on if you will.Thanks,Bryan

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  • We have better than 1.3 million votes at this time.Thanks,Bryan
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