There is one problem with central governmental planning…IT DOESN’T WORK. For all those that extoll its efficiency, the merits of uniformitarian, and that only a central body of elite politicians know what is best for the rest of the country, you need look no further than the Olympics in Sochi to understand that you are incorrect. Remember, Sochi is supposed to be an example of the best Russia has to offer to the world. If this is their best, I’m hesitant to see their worst:


Though the pictures are finite, the message they show is endless. Central governmental planning is a failure. Only through free enterprise do people work their hardest and compete with one another to produce the best product or service. You think the above pictured hotel would have ever survived in a capitalistic society? Of course not. It would have went out of business shortly after its opening.


The more our government stifles free business, makes it more difficult to run a business and takes away our incentives to grow a business, the quicker our country will begin to look more and more like Russia. Don’t fool yourselves. The more rules and regulations the government makes, the more civil liberties it takes, and the more involved it becomes in your lives, the quicker our country heads further towards economic collapse.


I’m no anarchist, but I do warn, just like our forefathers, a limited government is the best government. We’ve forgotten what they taught us. Unfortunately, if we continue to go down the path we are headed, it may be too late to restore the country to how it was intended to be.


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