A Citizen's Petition to:
My U.S. Senators and Representative
Whereas:   Every year militant union bosses deploy their thugs to target innocent men and women with threats, brass knuckles, knives and beatings in an attempt to send a simple message -- do what we want, or pay the price; and
Whereas:   Because of the 1973 Enmons decision, union officials are exempt from federal prosecution -- as long as the campaign of violence they incite is in the name of "legitimate union objectives"; and
I have faxed mine in
Whereas:   Union violence is a crippling blow not only for innocent American workers targeted by union militants -- but for every American citizen; and
Whereas:   Passage of the Freedom from Union Violence Act would close the loophole in federal law and finally allow authorities to prosecute union officials for inciting violence;
Therefore: I urge you to help hold union officials accountable for union violence by cosponsoring and seeking roll-call votes on the Freedom from Union Violence Act.
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