Penitentiary President

Why is Barack Obama about to be sworn in for a second term instead of being fingerprinted and booked into a federal penitentiary?

There are at least three people who may eventually be able to respond to that question.

4063631594?profile=originalIn a joint press conference, three Republican senators said the only way for Congress to get to the bottom of what happened during the Benghazi terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate resulting in four American deaths, including that of Chris Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya, was to form a Select Committee.

During the press conference, Senators John McCain R-AZ, Lindsey Graham R-SC and Kelly Ayotte R-NH stated that the bloody 9/11 terrorist attack crosses the jurisdictions of the Armed Services, the Intelligence and the Foreign Relations Committees.   They concluded that a Select Committee was required in order for each investigator to hear all the testimony from administration officials scheduled to appear before those three committees.

Graham included resigned CIA Director David Petraeus among those needing to testify: “I’d like to ask General Petraeus some questions.”  McCain also stated Petraeus would be a “very important witness for a Select Committee.”  In addition to Petraeus, the senators called for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to appear.

Graham noted there was precedent for setting up just such a committee, reminding the press of similar committees established to investigate the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals.

The three senators will officially introduce a Senate resolution calling for the formation of the committee.

Not surprisingly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-NV said he would not support the formation of a Select Committee.

Reid is not the only one intent on obstructing the truth.

An obviously negligent American media has intentionally hidden a string of deliberate lies coming from the 4063631642?profile=originalObama administration.  They have willfully propagated the White House’s faux reality about what led to the ruthless slaughter of four Americans.

Why were four Americans abandoned to fate without any attempt to rescue them?  Why the misrepresentations and multiple conflicting stories coming from the State Department, the CIA and the FBI?  Why were Ambassador Stevens and three others callously left to die?  Why were terrorists allowed to hunt Americans down like dogs?

The media malpractice regarding coverage of the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack is not the only shameful behavior.   

Obama and his administration have repeatedly claimed the attack resulted from a spontaneous demonstration sparked by anger at an anti-Islamic video nobody had heard of, much less seen.  This bogus claim has been made repeatedly.  UN Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on five Sunday morning talk shows making the phony claim that the best intelligence available up to that point was that the attack was sparked by this unknown video.  If that was not enough, speaking before the UN General Assembly on September 25th Obama blamed the same video six times.

That the administration actively endeavored to squash any notion this could have been a deliberately planned terrorist attack timed for the anniversary of 9/11 is no surprise.  Such an admission would have conflicted with the Obama re-election campaign’s fairy tale narrative that Al Qaeda had been pulverized, terrorism was on the run and his rudderless foreign policy initiatives were making America safer and more respected throughout the world.

Where was the “mainstream media?”

4063631664?profile=originalWhere was the investigative reporting about the series of attacks carried out in April and June by militants in Benghazi against the U.N., the Red Cross, the U.S. consulate, and the British consulate?  Where were the disclosures about the requests from Ambassador Stevens and others for additional security?  Where was the story about how those requests had been denied?

How could the White House national security team watch the attack in real time, yet neglect to call in back-up support from the U.S. military?  Why did the White House hide the fact that within two hours of the start of the assault they were notified via email that a terrorist group linked to al Qaeda had claimed credit for the attack?

In light of these as yet unanswered questions, a Select Committee is more than appropriate.

If Harry Reid and the so called mainstream media insist on obstructing the truth, they should join members of the current Administration.

Wearing stripes; breaking up rocks in the hot sun.

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  • I'd love to see the regime put in chains for life in a penitentiary, Orange jumpsuits have more appeal, better targets if they try to escape,

  • Randal - You are not alone, in any feeling of "guilt"; during this same time period, I became an adult, married and started raising a family, while working full-time, doing volunteer work, etc. - -so I had very little time to concentrate on anything else.  I kept abreast of news of the day, but even then, the "news" didn't delve too deeply into what was "really" happening.   Only after I retired in 2002, did I suddenly and painfully realize what was happening in the USA, thanks to the internet!

       I can only suggest that you now become "fully active" (reactive, if you will); right now, if you go to your search bar and type in "petition2contress", you will find dozens of fax/petitions, that are "free" to send - -you can alter, edit, insert your own ideas and demands.  The 5th item down, on the 1st page is a petition to impeach obama-soetoro, also demands a full investigation of Benghazi - -there are only 3,700 signatures on this one item.  We need to DROWN Congress with these fax/petitions- -make OUR voices SO LOUD, they cannot be ignored.  Go to that page, do some looking around, pick one (or several) that you would like to send and "spread the word"!  We do NOT have to "submit" to the current "regime" - -it IS OUR RIGHT to DO AWAY WITH IT - -the Constitution tells US so!

  • Where are Obama's past records. The American Public wants to see them. Obama is mentally unstable to be President and a sound psychological profile from an independent source would show this. Obama is hiding them because they show things that would prevent him from being president. Start a petition for release of his records.

  • Randal - Your comments make me wonder "who's" report you read?  As ladybard said "The reds weren't under the beds, they were in them"!  I was a "mature adult" during that era and I remember it well.

  • 4063631664?profile=original

  • are the house reps and senators to busy to do their own investigation and supeona anyone they want to question ? why do we have to waste more taxpayer money for a select committee, that will take at least 8 months to put together and will take 5 years to come up with a summary of what happened in benghazi.

    our entire country already knows what happened and what didnt happen. 4 people were murdered in bengahzi and our president ordered our military to stand down. it is that simple. who has the authority to arrest the president, sec of state, sec of defense for murder ?

  • And we can ADD to that list- -ANY AND ALL members of the muslim brotherhood/sisterhood, cair, or ANY islamic organization that has been allowed onto our shores!  Mosques??  Banish them, or turn them into elderly housing, commercial office complexes or "something useful" to the USA!

  • Do you remember the "McCarthy Era" - and Sen. Joe McCarthy?  The guy who "recognized" the "communist, subversive activities" and tried to remove it!  He did a great job, for as long as he "fellow Congressmen" would allow him to continue; in the end "fearing their "own" activities would be outed, they censured him and drove him away- -they "shamed" him into "silence"!  WE NEED another "Joe McCarthy" AND a House Committee on UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES!  Think Lt. Col Allen West, think Mr. Daryl Issa and let them have "free reign" to CLEAN OUT THE HORNETS' NEST that has "infested" our government.  Let them start with the current regime, bring in the Khawam "sisters" (ms Kelley), Keith Ellison (Congressional Rep) and the rest of the 80-odd members of Congress, that belong to CPUSA (communist party USA), the DSA (democratic "socialists" of America), ANY and ALL, who wish to "subvert" OUR Constitution and OUR government!  Communism, fascism, and subversion are ALL alive and well WITHIN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT BODY and elsewhere - -TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE! 

  • Ralph be careful what you say about obama on here he has "plants" named "TLC" who will turn you into the site for talking about his beloved.

  •     You ask the reason ?  How about a thousand people in Washington DC that are either cowards or are in fact in bed with him , all of course , backed by he filthy , corrupt , bought and paid for national media ,  who , in fact , look forward to the day when they only have to pass on information from their masters rather than have to work to come up with their own stuff .

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