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Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty gave a great Tea Party conservative speech at Right Online this afternoon.  I am from Colorado so all I know about Pawlenty I have learned within the last 6 months or so.  I applauded loudly and whooped as he SPOKE all the right words.  He is fiery, he is smart, yada yada.  The problem is that his constituents in Minnesota, the real Conservative constituents, don't trust him.  An unnamed source who had worked on campaigns at different levels in Minnesota described him as a compromiser, a RINO, a politician by nature, one who talks the Tea Party talk but does not walk the Tea Party walk. 


I asked the unnamed source about Michelle Bachmann, the US Rep from Minnesota.  This seemingly well versed and credible Minnasotan described Bachmann's rise through the political ranks, first as a business owner, tax litigation attorney, pro-life activist (Phyllis Schafley)and education reform advocate.  Bachmann was asked by many supporters to run for public office, which, initially she did not want to do.  But she ran and beat a RINO in her primary race, and beat an establishment dem to win a seat in the Minnesota State Senatenational race.  She then went on to run for the United States House of Representatives and beat an extreme-left dem. Michelle Bachmann, it is said, is hated by the RINOs and the Dems in Minnesota, which in the mind of most Tea Party members, makes her imminently qualified for high office.  I love a woman who makes enemies of corrupt, dishonest, musty, dusty establishment politicians.  Thank you (name withheld)

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  • Marjorie are our brains locked together.  I send you a personal message about the vile musical called the Book Of Mormons (nothing at all like the title) currently on Broadway and then I check your Reagangirl page and your last blog was about the liberals disrepecting and going after God. Freaky.  You my dear are way way smarter than Palin on her best day and smarter than Bachmann too.  You have the look, personality, brain, and turn of phrase word mastering to go far.  All you need is the the political savvy and how to handle the media courses (Reagan was master) and Palin and Bachmann still have not passed 101.  I could teach that course.  First lesson on the house,  think and research first before opening mouth and don't look naive.  Like I told you in our first conversation candidates are marketed like products.   Your Friend, Angelo
  • The Best Republican Ticket is Perry and a minority VP  (West, Rubio, Cain) and West is best.  Perry was a Democrat until 1989 and he will do well among Blue Dogs, Independents, and undecided.   He gives you the Pro Life Pro Religious Pro Family you want Marjorie but Perry does it with a political savvy.  He has a perfect family record and great record as Governor of Texas and never lost an election in his life.  He is the best shot.  What the liberals going to say Perry like Bush 2 Texas and we say Obama Illinois like Blagoavich and the other crooked politicians.  I highly respect your opinion but trust me my gut feeling along with my educational experience (Political Science minor almost major) and especially my hands on vast Political experience in both Partys and knowing the Chicago Way first hand tells me this is the ticket.  Gave it a lot of thought.  Sincerely, Angelo Mule'
  • Reagan would not have picked a Bachmann as VP.  We both love and adore Reagan but you must remember Reagan was a great politician too.  No loose cannon would be his VP choice.  He went war hero and uncontroversial.
  • Michelle Bachmann is one of the most consistent of all of the candidates.  I identify with her because she is fiercely devoted to children, family, and the sanctity of life.  But she has been a fighter from the get go when in 1991 she made a name for herself in some high-profile pro-life activities with Phyllis Schafly.  She has stood up against the establishment GOP in Minnesota and has won.  She has stood up against the status-quo GOP in the United States House and has gained the support of the Tea Party.  She is devoted first to principle, not to party.  She is tough and smart and charming.
  • The problem is even though we may like her a lot the fact is that Bachmann is probably the most hated target of the left media since Palin is not running.  They have her on film and quotes that will turn Independents against her and the Independents are the deciding votes.  For example, her Lexington and Concord Geographical error, and her outright fear of being around gay people.  I know Mormons (lots of kids and in some cases multiple wives) are the opposite of gays when it comes to reproduction but you can not insult the gays and expect to win the Presidency.  They have extended families too.  Face it, gays are here to stay and I don't care if they marry (already legal in many states) or serve in the military.  Many people on this site disagree with me on that but they have the right to serve their country and when the BIG WAR comes and it will you will need all able bodies so why should they get an exemption from fighting and furthermore, many straights will say they are gay to get out of being drafted.  Now that sissy copout (pardon the pun) is off the table.  Back to Bachmann, Chris Matthews has a personal vendetta against her as I told you before.  Let MSNBC and the left media eat up Bachmann and Romney ( as an out of touch rich guy and they think he is the main threat to Obama and he is TOO left for me as you know) that will leave the rest of them Perry, Cain and who knows alone for the most part.  Hey Reagangirl, did you read my blogs?  I have one saying Michael Reagan could win if he got in.  Sincerely, Angelo Mule'
  • Your description and analysis of Michelle Bachmann is truly right on the money. She may be the most multi-dimensional candidate of them all regarding issues. If the media and others want to refer to her as a so-called loose cannon let them, as her message is getting out to the people who really count (the voters).  Her poll numbers soared after the debate. Obama campaigned as a loose cannon who vilified any GOP person while using empty rhetoric, let Michelle turn the tables while she espouses substantive solutions.
  • The more I see Pawlenty I see that he lacks Pizazz.  He is boring unlike the looser cannons Bachmann, Palin. Cain, and morally bankrupt Newt, but Perry comes off Presidential.  Romney put his foot in his mouth the other day by telling the jobless "I'm Also Unemployed"  Bad joke for a multi-millionaire to make.  Leah Lax is more conservative than Romney and I am trying to block Romney at every turn and would be very happy if Leah got some of his votes in an open crossover Primary.  I support Romney only over Obama but over no one else even Paul.  I know you are Mormon Marjorie but Romney sucks.
  • Did you read the front page of our site how Perry wowed them?  Perry can handle the liberal press and has a successful record to run on.  The mainstream press will have a field day with Bachmann on many fronts thus scaring Independents and she will be labeled Homophobic.  Got her running out of the room because lesbians were there.  Gays make a lot of money as a group and have straight families.  For a lot of gays it would be in their economic interest to vote Republican.  Whatever percentage of the gay vote we can take from Obama is big and we can not write them off completely.
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