4063563496?profile=originalMy late Mama instructed, “Never put your business in the street”. Due to the extremely serious situation in which we find our country today, I must share my personal testimony (put my business in the street) to save America.

In 1993, I quit my 15 year position at an ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore to pursue a new career in music. At that time, callers on the Rush Limbaugh show were losing their jobs to down-sizing. Rush encouraged them to view it as an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Inspired and with Mary's blessings, I quit my position, despite being in line for department head.

In short, Mary and I lost everything – home, cars and savings. On numerous occasions, we were financially down-for-the-count with no hope in sight. Every time, God came to our rescue with just enough to keep us going. During our several years “wilderness experience”, Mary and I grew in character, wisdom and gratitude. But most of all, we learned to trust God.

So while I am in solidarity with the frustration of fellow patriots across America regarding the reelection of Obama, the surrender of the Republicans, the transformation of what it means to be an American and the deterioration of our culture, I MUST continue fighting to restore/take back America!

I can not and will not join in your hopelessness and surrender.

My firm resolve and optimism are rooted in the Word of God. Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

I can not tune out the news and allow an evil Godless liberal Administration and mainstream media to treat the Constitution like toilet paper and ravish our culture. Edmund Burke said, “The only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.”

Patriots, along with myself, you are good men and women whom God has prepared for such a time as this – to save America. You fought valiantly over the past four years. I totally understand and share your disappointment, anger and sadness for our country.

However, sticking your heads in the sand, is not the answer. For me to do so would feel like me telling God, “I no longer trust You. Thus, I will not continue the mission you called me to fulfill.” For me, such a decision is impossible.

I am Chairman of a new PAC, Conservative Campaign Committee, to fight back with TV ads and etc.

Brother and sister patriots, come back – get back into the battle. America is too extraordinarily precious to do otherwise. We can not simply allow them to “have it”!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


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  • I appreciate Lloyd's interest in running tv ads etc. But in his bus route for campaign to change America, it was unclear exactly where the money we gave to his group went. They kept asking for more and more and more... Telling about ads they were running in other states, even showing them to us. So many groups asking for money making similar claims. If they had joined the Evang accountability group where they could be checked on, fine. But so many groups just want an inflow constantly of $100,000's 'for ads' etc incessantly...his group being one of them. They poured ads into Michigan, huge amounts of our money, and it was never even close enuf to consider in most polls,while overlooking crucial Ohio! This was very poor strategy! Also a huge waste of time and money. They revisited mi pleading for money, with few showing up at their little planned small 'rallies.' Better some attempts than nothing, but the planning and strategy were poor. And the huge buses were unbelievable gas guzzlers for so few people on them and attending their poorly attended 'ralles.'
  • Redley62... thank you!! Before watch it,... I am sending the typed out link through e-mail to several friends to mass e-mail it to all of their contacts / friends, etc.  then I will watch it...  thank you.

  • Hello Freedom Butterfly!
    I found this web site below purely by accident and
    watched it all the way to the end. I was blown away
    to understand something that nobody is talking about, at
    least in my circles.
    Please take the time to view this video very carefully and
    allow what is being said to sink into you mind.
    Don't miss the Q & A at the end as people ask a few thought
    provoking questions.

    Make popcorn -


  • Don't watch T.V. !!!!! I have not watched T.V. in 3 years , best advice I can give someone.. If I wanted misinformation and Gov't propaganda I would watch it. Its not News its Gov't/Corporate propaganda. !!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1-0o0cSw24   Please watch this video all the way through.  It is a somewhat scary to think of the things said, but it is encouraging as well because what is said is educational and will help you understand what is happening in our government today.

    This is not a conspiracy theory, but very, very real!  Please take time to watch it then pass it along with great urgency....Thank You

  • Joel,

    After reading your post, there are some things that you said, Scripture supports, but then there are other things you mention that Scripture does not support.  I don't know where you learned what you posted, but some things you mention are asskewed and not true.

    First of all, God can do whatever He wants "without" the assistance of man, however God choses to do what He does with man's involvement.  Without man, God would be just fine as He has been for eternity.  But, God in His kindness created man in His own image so that He could have a relationship with Him.  God foreknew that man would fail God by disbelieving Him, but God built all the safeguards into what would happen after his fall.  Meaning, God is NEVER caught off guard because He is all knowing and All powerful.

    You are correct that God does not exact revenge on His creation, but He contains, restricts and directs the affairs of His plan for man.  This is called God's Divine Will.  Man will never go outside the bounds that God has restricted for man.  Man hates this about God, but God is the potter and man is the clay.  Does the clay complain to the potter why he has made it look the way it does?  Or does the clay rebel against the potter for creating it to be a certain way?  NO!  But man does complain....a lot!

    You mention God testing us to whether we are worthy to live.  We are not worthy for anything on our best day.  Isaiah 64: 6   For all of us have become like one who is unclean, And all our righteous deed are like a filthy garnment (mentrual pad).  We are never worthy of God, but God is alway worthy of our praise. Get it?

      God created us for fellowship with Him, but many reject Him, seeking their own way.  But the ones that believe on the savor Jesus Christ unto salvation John 3: 36---they will see the Kingdom of Heaven.

    After salvation, God the Holy Spirit, enters their body (His temple) and teaches them, by convicting His children of sin, righteousness and judgement.  This training process goes on for their lifetime and most likely straight into eternity I would suspect, because we will never know what God knows, but we are always continue to learn---I don't have Scripture for that statement, but it seems to follow biblical logic.

    God declared the United States as the cornerstone of spreading the gospel to all parts of the world.  Matthew 28:19.  But over the last several decades man has been removing God in everything to Government buildings, schools, and public places, endorsing abortion, same sex marriage, you name it.  Prayer has been silenced by the court judges and anything Christian has been strampled upon in the past several years to a massive extent.

    As you said, God will judge His people (Christians) for ignoring His commandments to live like He intended them to live.  We actually invite God's judgement upon ourselves as you said.  We deserve the wrath of God on our country, but I believe He is always waiting for His people to turn back to Him.  God is patient, long suffering, kind and merciful and does not desire to discipline.  Discipline is not God's favorite work.  Blessing His people and our nation has always been God's desire.

    Living worthily before God means that we live in "obedience" to His commandments--His laws as written in His word, the bible.  Many Christians have ignored the bible, living their lives apart from God.  Hebrews 12 speaks to His beloved ones, in that He will discipline them like an earthly father disciplines his children.  The bible says; sparing the rod, spoils the child.

    I was 19 years old when I got a full time job, moved out from my parents house and never have been back.  Many of the 20 year old young adults born in 1990 are still living at home with their parents. In fact it is a law that a 26 year old son or daughter living at home is entitle to insurance on their parent plan.  What???   Sound like a bunch of technological cry babies to you?  Does to me!  I was 24 years old when I purchased my first home.  Again, Spare the rod, spoil the child.  There you go!  God knows what children grow up to be when parents don't lead and discipline their children. 

    In my generation, parents (Christian Parents) were too busy working two jobs in order to have all the goodies in life.  Their own freedom, big house, flashy car and expensive vacations and lots and lots of toys.  Give junior a lap top, games and a 60 inch Plasma TV and he will be fine.  Parents never knew their children and children were left to their own devices.  Not a good thing, folks.

    Just one more thing to add joel.  You say that God doesn't give a damn whether or not you go to church or not.  Hebrews 10:25 says; not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near.  God is speak here of Christian's who should be obedient to Him to find a local church and begin attending, using their God given gifts 1 Corinthians 12 to build up the body.

    Final point joel.  You really should not write post on the subject of God's word, the bible, until you know the bible.  You lead people astray and that you will be responsible to the Lord one day.


  • STOP WHINING. I REPEAT. STOP WHINING. Stop watching TV Period. Stop paying attention to brain-dead, screaming, moronic sportscasters, stop looking at Hollywood movies that are full of rubbish, stop shopping at stores you know supported the Statists 10 to 1, and for God's sake, get up, run around the block and thank your Holy God you are not running through frozen mud with your feet wrapped in rags as our founders across the frozen Deleware River, so that you could do all the above. I am 66 and I am disgusted at some of these posts. For Heaven's sake, take a breath, and see what we're about to loose and know that there are ways to do something about it that have never been done before as below. There are a core group of people who are really fighting in really effective ways. Watch that Griffin video below to see the clear picture of why we are where we are today and what to do about it!! 
    Definitely get on Freedom Connector. Google it if needs. It is not fun. It iinvolves commitment and a change of heart and of many people's lives, but that is the cost of freedom. Get used to it, because our lassitude was what has put us into peril where we are today. Bottom line. There IS nobody else but each of us to defend our country. So let's just DO IT.

  • STOP WHINING!!  It's Not up to God to do what He made us with the freedom to do! He is the wind in our sails, Joel. Get into Freedom Connector and see what we are organizing at the basic local levels to to: Everyone can do SOMETHING, but we have been not doing it the right way for decades, and I mean that as a Fierce proponent for the Fairtax for over 15 years!!!  Look at these posts: 
    If you have a Twitter account, please follow ProjectCityHall and
    often to promote this series.

    Director, Project City Hall

    I help candidates and causes win elections by focusing on the three R's --
    money, Recruiting volunteers, and Registering votes.


    Project City Hall


    But please take about an hour out of your evening of day to listen to a pioneer talk about why we've been ineffective for decades--actually for almost a century after the three most ruinous actions and bills were passed into legislation re the Fed. Reserve, the Income tax, and the direct election of Senators. Griffin has been exposing this stuff for about fifty years, since the early 60s, so he has some real bonafide authority here: This is perhaps the most elucidating video you will watch:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1-0o0cSw24


  • Without the people God can do nothing . Without God the people can do nothing right . . The re-election of Obama will be used by God to correct and punish the people for their ungodly behaviour for the last 60 years . God uses our mistakes to chastize us . He does not exact revenge . His laws were put in place at the time of creation . The longer we choose to ignore Gods laws the more severely we choose to punish our selves . God is going to test us severely to find wether or not we are worthy to live . If we do make the right choices to correct our culture within seven generations God will be there for us in full Glory and guidance . God has already begun to reduce the human fertiliy / birth rate in all subspecies of humanity . If we continue to behave unworthily God will reduce the birth rates of all humanity to rates so low that the human race will cease to exist . This will take a long time because God loves his children and will give them lessons through natural law that will allow them time to correct their errors / sin . God would prefer that His CREATION live but He has in place natural laws that Mother earth enforces . God does not actively punish Nature through Mother earth and caused by mans errors administers the punishment , There is a Creator and It warned us when He said " I WILL NOT BE MOCKED ". We / I / Me / US Will be punished to the degree of our refusal to learn . GOD and MANKIND were CREATED TO WORK TOGETHER Neither can do the work alone unless The planet is totally cleaned of man and God is allowed to restore perfectly balanced nature until mankind screws it up again .

        If we follow Gods guidance OUR world will be restored . If we don't humanity will disappear . I believe that from this point in time mankind needs to have a war that will straighten out the worlds cultures by reinstating Americas position of leadership by example of nobility and spiritual growth . there are many things that need to happen . The population of the world in relationship to the worlds natural resources must be brought into balance . God is working on it right now but we keep interfering and preventing the source of all CREATION from doing it's work of balancing . We need to know GOD and Gods WILL / MIND and understand how IT works in order to cooperate with on going CREATION . We NEED GOD . Whatever THAT IS . When that happens as is stated in our LORDS PRAYER . " THY WILL BE DONE IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN " In other words things will be perfectly patterned after GODS WILL . We've got to WORK WITH  GOD to bring this about . You don't have to be a RELIGIOUS NUT / FANATIC . GOD doesn't give a damn about churches or whether or not you go to church . GOD whatever the CREATOR IS JUST WANTS TO BE KNOWN AS YOUR FRIEND . WE do THAT AND WE'LL BE FINE . Let's go to war and eliminate the ungodly .

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