4063563496?profile=originalMy late Mama instructed, “Never put your business in the street”. Due to the extremely serious situation in which we find our country today, I must share my personal testimony (put my business in the street) to save America.

In 1993, I quit my 15 year position at an ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore to pursue a new career in music. At that time, callers on the Rush Limbaugh show were losing their jobs to down-sizing. Rush encouraged them to view it as an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Inspired and with Mary's blessings, I quit my position, despite being in line for department head.

In short, Mary and I lost everything – home, cars and savings. On numerous occasions, we were financially down-for-the-count with no hope in sight. Every time, God came to our rescue with just enough to keep us going. During our several years “wilderness experience”, Mary and I grew in character, wisdom and gratitude. But most of all, we learned to trust God.

So while I am in solidarity with the frustration of fellow patriots across America regarding the reelection of Obama, the surrender of the Republicans, the transformation of what it means to be an American and the deterioration of our culture, I MUST continue fighting to restore/take back America!

I can not and will not join in your hopelessness and surrender.

My firm resolve and optimism are rooted in the Word of God. Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

I can not tune out the news and allow an evil Godless liberal Administration and mainstream media to treat the Constitution like toilet paper and ravish our culture. Edmund Burke said, “The only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.”

Patriots, along with myself, you are good men and women whom God has prepared for such a time as this – to save America. You fought valiantly over the past four years. I totally understand and share your disappointment, anger and sadness for our country.

However, sticking your heads in the sand, is not the answer. For me to do so would feel like me telling God, “I no longer trust You. Thus, I will not continue the mission you called me to fulfill.” For me, such a decision is impossible.

I am Chairman of a new PAC, Conservative Campaign Committee, to fight back with TV ads and etc.

Brother and sister patriots, come back – get back into the battle. America is too extraordinarily precious to do otherwise. We can not simply allow them to “have it”!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


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  • Folks, Keep the pressure on our elected members with e-mails , phone calls and whatever means available. Do not let up, and if rallies or demonstrations occur in your area, join them.  Things can be changed for the better but we the people must act. 

  • I am in!!!! Have been the whole time and alot more during the last 4 years...

  •   Robin,... you will give up your guns? From many of the comments I have read here, people will fight to keep their weapons.  After I give them my guns, .... how will I defend myself against looters, thugs, rapists, etc. ?

  • We have just listened to Wednesday and Thursday TruNews audios (the only true news out there

    today).   http://www.trunews.com/listen_now.htm  My heart is grieved over what is happening in this country.  For the past 4 years we have been watchmen warning everyone about what was coming. Their ears were closed and now it's too late.  Out message now is 'Be prepared, and do it now'.  That means physically, financially and spiritually.  On November 6th we passed the last exit off the road to Babylon.  We're now there and there are no more exits

  • Robin, and broadcast,.... I am staying away from gold, as I do not WANT GOLD,  and cannot afford it anyway. Per Hitler ? I am half German, half Russian, born in 58, Castle air force base Merced Ca. My father was in the US. AIRFORCE.... I hope our military refuse to kill, AMERICANS, for this President.

  • I'm in I actually want a civil war against these people.
    Blessed Be to America!!!
  • Robin.....what steps within our states, do we take ? Request a meeting with our GOVERNORS ?  OUS IS BRIAN SANDOVOL, NEVADA.  crud,...gotta plug in my tablet.... :)) it's going to fizzle out...

  • Freedom,

    If they come to your door give them your gun and tell them you will be a good girl. Imprisoned patriots can not help. Play the game. Think of the French resistance. Resist with stealth.

  • Broadcast,

    Stalin had a great solution for resistance. He randomly killed people. He did not have to track down the offenders; he simply killed people at random. It is called terror. It was very effective.

  • Broadcast,

    You are absolutely correct. The plan is right on schedule. Obama is happy, congress is happy, and the courts are happy. They have all performed brilliantly.

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