Patrick Henry Would be Proud of Us!

Since my last post, Saturday, August 6, 2011, I have noticed some curious interest.  I own my own company and I regularly check the "hits" on my website for market analysis.  Each day's data are available the next day.  What I found was one hit from guess where?  Moscow, Russia.  Moreover, I recall having hits from two separate individuals back about two years ago when I was writing on another blog.  The nature and content of those blogs were like my Saturday blog.  (  I had no such interest from Moscow between then and now until Saturday. 

So, what am I implying?  Well, since the content of my August 6th blog is essentially anti-communist, pro-American, and an individual from the most infamous Communist country apparently wanted to find out more about me, we have to assume that the Communists in Moscow find what I said interesting.  More likely, my content was  threatening to the Communist agenda.  Recall from that August 6th blog, I tied the Democratic Party in America directly to the Communist Party. 

Shifting gears, it seems to me the Tea Party embodies the same spirit of independence that was present during the American Revolution in 1776; that courageous plan to free ourselves of tyranny from Great Britain.  Although history generally gives little credit to the great patriot, Patrick Henry (For example, his name was not on the Declaration of Independence.), Henry was actually THE leader of the fight for our independence.  I encourage you to read what you can about Mr. Henry.  For example, the book by Norine Campbell (1969) entitled "Patrick Henry:  Patriot and Statesman" (Devin-Adair) is a good primer.

What I have found in reading this important book is the striking similarity in the events and spirit of our American Revolution and the current one that we now lead.  One thing I would like to share here, and then I will be through for now, is that back then, the Patriots had the same problem as we concerning half-hearted politicians.  Many wanted to stay safe under the King of England and not venture forth to form a new, independent country.  Specifically, we know that our Republican Party suffers from "moderate" members.  Rush Limbaugh has correctly identified moderates as actually being liberals in disguise, and he's right.  The Patriots had the same problem.

Campbell supports this conclusion with a quote of Patrick Henry's comments when he and his colleagues were organizing the "resolutions for independence" on May 20, 1776.  According to a quote in Campbell's book, Patrick Henry said (p. 212):

"Moderation falsely so called, hath nearly brought on us final ruin.  And to see those who have so fatally advised us, still guiding, or at least sharing our public councils alarms me."

 In other words, there is indeed good reason to rid ourselves of so-called moderates because they provide "false" guidance and leadership.  As I have said before, who cares if they call us a silly name such as "extremists"?  We must overcome this kind of fear.  As soldiers, we must not turn back or sway from side to side, but remain steadfast and headstrong without compromise!  But we MUST continue to aggressively  weed-out the spineless lest we lose the Republic for which our brave have already fought for and died.

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