Pastoral Perfidy

In a recent 2-year study by George Barna, it was found that while nearly 90% of all American pastors believe that the Bible provides specific answers to the myriad issues challenging us today, only 10% say they will address those issues from the pulpit.

According to the study, the reason so many refuse to openly address these issues from the pulpit is to avoid "controversy", thus ensuring a "successful church".


In the study, the vast majority of pastors said they determined "success" in five ways: attendance; donations; number of programs; number of staff; and, yes, square footage!

Inspiring and reassuring, huh?

My recent experience with my own Catholic parish in Rochester, NY seems to validate Barna's findings. Last week, I formally requested that the parish promote a strictly non-partisan "Voter Registration Sunday" in September. While exiting services, a manned table in the vestibule would be set up to assist interested parishioners to register to vote. Only a brief announcement from the pulpit and a small bulletin insert would inform parishioners of this service. However, in a follow-up meeting with the pastor the initiative was categorically rejected. Why? Such an event on parish grounds would be in violation of diocesan policy!  So much for civic responsibility, principle, courage of one's religious convictions and fearless adherence to Christian values and Biblical teachings. So much too for patriotism.

Shortly before this, I approached a very large Baptist church in the same area with the same request and the pastor immediately agreed.

Thus, while there are exceptions to the rule, there clearly appear to be more "CEO-type pastors" out there than committed God-fearing religious ones. Judging from the study's conclusions and my own experience, far too many church leaders seem to value their lofty position in the community, their creature comforts and "square footage" more than their religious calling to shepherd their flocks. Obviously, elitism comes in many forms, or so it appears.

Is it any wonder it's been such a tortuously uphill fight for patriots and Christians to restore constitutional order and those bedrock traditional American values that once made America so exceptional? If, for whatever reason, our churches betray their calling and, in turn, their flocks, on whom CAN we count? Note: our Founders warned that if we lose our Christian moorings and our traditional values, if we forsake our civic responsibilities, we will irretrievably lose our Republic.

Finally, in response to this study, a Reverend Chuck Baldwin is quoted as saying that "it is time for Christians to acknowledge that these ministers are not pastors: they are CEOs. They are not Bible teachers: they are performers. They are not shepherds: they are hirelings. It is also time for Christians to be  honest with themselves: do they want a pastor who desires to be faithful to the Scriptures, or do they want a pastor who is simply trying to be "successful".

Yet again, the cause for the corruption of our leaders, both pastoral and secular alike, is staring boldly back at us from the mirror before us. By our silence and compliance, we alone are the reason for our country's disintegration.

"...activities intended to encourage people to participate in the election process, such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, would not be prohibited political campaign activity if conducted in a nonpartisan manner." Internal Revenue Service

"God cannot sustain this free and blessed country, which we love and pray for, unless the Church will take right ground. Politics are a part of religion in such country as this, and Christians must do their duty to the country as part of their duty to God...God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take in politics." Charles Finney, "Lectures on Revival of Religion" (1835)

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke
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  • The Devil has a way of sneaking in unawares. What has happen to our Churches is in a great part the memberships fault. You see, we the people in a Church is exactly like, we the people in our country. We pick leaders we like, people that will say and do what we like.

    Christianity has become a religion, just like all the rest of the religions of the world. The fact of the matter is that it was never intended to be ( a religion ). The Bible says ( YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN ). That means that Christ, in the form of the Holy Spirit takes abode up in the heart of the believer. That is not  happening in our Churches. as a rule today. Like it is said in this article, they are more interested in numbers than truly seeing the conviction power of the Holy Spirit  that comes from truly preaching in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    God desires to draw people from sin. The way that is done is by a man  boldly allowing God to use him as a funnel of His word to His people.

    Our Churches have become humane bodies just as we have made our military in our country. That's not to say that be humanitarians is not important but that is not the calling of our Churches or our military.

    We must find away to get back to our roots. Jesus said, WE ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH, BUT IF THE SALY HATH LOST IT'S SAVOR, WHEREIN SHAT IT BE SALTED?

    When this country was founded it was founded on that principle. Ever person might not have believed alike, and some didn't believe at all but the power of God was so strong in this country that even the people that did not believe, lived up to and set a standard of righteousness that far accedes even what we allow in our Churches today. In other words, the lost people in that day live more righteous than our Church members to today. There lies the greatest problem in our country today.

    Can you imagine what would happen in this country if every person that calls their selves ( a Christian ) lived up to what they say, filled with the Spirit of God and spoke with the power He can bestow on a person. The problem is, they can't, because they are members of a Church and not a member of the family of God.

    Please understand. I am not your judge, the word of God is. If this get close to your heart then take it up with God the Father.

    We often take about ( being offended ) Well, God called men to do everything they can to offend you. To open your eyes to who and what your truly are. To offend you that you might change who and what you are and be more like Him each and every day. Basically speaking, to die to ourselves and let Him come alive in each of us.

    God wants His army of believers. born- again believers to stand and say we are willing to die, if necessary for His sake. He would much rather have each of us to live for Him.

    Jesus said, If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. Start speaking His name every chance you get. I will guarantee you it will not be popular. We must proclaim it outside our Church houses, in the streets of our cities and around our dinner tables, at work , at play. If we desire to set this nation back on the path of righteousness, His name must be lifted up and our lives must reflect Him.

    One more thing, we have this idea in our minds that we have set. It has to do with maybe even denominations to some degree and maybe not. Jesus said. you either gather with Me or you scatter abroad. To Him there is no middle ground like we look at things, We just can't decide what we deem to be right and therefore form this nation or set a standard to our own designed guidelines, It must be according to His will and not our own. Now that could be a real problem.

    We have a nation that has deliberately created a Spiritual vacuum. We have denounced everything He stands for over the last forty years, no prayer, no scripture can be taught or talked about and it'd almost against the law to speak His name in our schools and office buildings.

    We have changed adultery to having an affair, sodomy has become gay, and you are more likely to get locked up for talking about Jesus than you are for stealing, lying or even killing. If the law does its job, the men that does it is banished and the real criminal is.made out to be the hero.

    We need some real men of God that will stand behind the pulpits of America and call sin what it is. If the people in the Church will not take it , then leave that Church, get you a job and preach in the streets. Quit making the call of God a fiscal thing and  do it with the passion even if it kills you. Every one of the Apostles died a martyr's death  but the Apostle John and he was exiled on the isle of Pappas. Are we any better than they.

    Let's face it folks. our  lives are screaming so loud, sinners can't hear a word we are saying.


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