Do you believe that parents should be able to spank their children?  Do you ever express that opinion to others?  If so, then you could be sent to prison.  Sadly, that is exactly what happened to one pastor up in Wisconsin recently.  A minister named Philip Caminiti was sentenced to 2 years in prison for simply teaching that parents should spank their children when they misbehave.  Please note that Caminiti was not accused of spanking anyone or of physically hurting anyone.  He was put in prison simply for his speech.  He was put in prison simply for what he was teaching others to do.  Whether you agree with spanking or not, this should be incredibly sobering for all of us.  Increasingly, speech is being penalized in the United States.  Much of the time, the focus of the attacks by the forces of political correctness is on religious speech.  If this trend continues, many of you that are reading this article might be put in jail for the things that you say in the coming years.

***Please Note: I am not defending anything that Phil Caminiti does or teaches.  In fact, a lot of things that he teaches are dead wrong.  What I am alarmed about is that a minister was put into prison solely for things that he said.  If they will do that to him, how soon will it be before they start putting other ministers in prison?***

When many of us were growing up, once in a while our parents would take out a belt or a wooden paddle and give us a paddling on the behind when we did something wrong.

Was there anything wrong with that?

Of course not.

Yes, there is real child abuse that goes on out there, but in the vast majority of instances spanking does not do any lasting physical harm.  Rather, it benefits the child because it helps them learn what is right and what is wrong.

I know that when I got a licking on the behind as a child that helped me to remember not to do the same thing again.

But Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi was absolutely horrified that some parents would actually use a wooden spoon to spank their little children when they misbehaved.

Perhaps that judge should actually try to spank someone with a wooden spoon some time.  You simply cannot do much damage with a wooden spoon.

Instead of going after the parents who were doing the spanking, prosecutors chose to go after the pastor instead.  They claimed that Caminiti was "the spoke in the wheel of this conspiracy".

Even after Caminiti leaves prison, he will be forbidden from having any contact with his old church....

Caminiti will be on extended supervision for six years after his release from prison. Despite objections on constitutional grounds by Caminiti's lawyers, Sumi ordered that he not have any contact with the Aleitheia Bible Church and have no leadership role in any church.

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  • I am with Laurie, sign me up.

  • America is truly lost when we see the likes of this. Just stay tuned for more to follow.  

  • It's probably a good thing that, the comments I've made to other shoppers, concerning in store discipline I, we, would have received has children, was never made to a monitor of self-defined abuse. How in the world we ever got to the point where the minority subjugates the majority, is an issue that is quickly approaching an eruption. I've no idea if there were other issues in, the case against the preacher, but on its face, this tactic, of singling out an individual for attack, 'n removal from the scene, is done to intimidate other individuals of the same cloth. Subjugation, 'n control, without firing a shot to kill, destroy the individual, but to use the individuals strengths,position, to intimidate, 'n strike fear, questioning, into the hearts of other individuals clothed of the same disciplines, the overall doctrine of the majority that a minority seeks to control.
  • I spanked my kids. Don't missunderstand here, I did NOT beat them, I spanked them. I was a single parent and my daughter NEVER needed a spanking. My son, yes. But, both my children are grown now and both work. Neither one of them do drugs. They have families of their own and are responsible adults. I love them both and to this very day I still get "Mr. Mom" cards from each one on Mothers Day. Spanking can be benifical IF done in a responsable way.....

  • I agree with Cynthia, two comments below. Ridiculous.

  • Who's the bully on the block?   It's the Government at it again, being the bully.  Next they'll be after our soft drinks--and jail time for that too!  Is the judge in case an elected official?  Here's the scoop: Maryann Sumi is a judge for the Dane County Circuit Court, Branch 2, in Wisconsin. She was first appointed to the court in 1998, then won election in 1999 and 2005.  The people get the government they deserve.  She's been a busy judge:  Judge Maryann Sumi, mother of foul-mouthed, union hack Jake Sinderbrand, has ordered that the budget repair bill is not in effect.

    Jake Sinderbrand
    Jake Sinderbrand, son of Judge Maryann Sumi , poses a bit of a problem for his mother. Son of Sumi touts his work for the AFL-CIO and S...
  • This is BULL! Spare the rod spoil the child! When I attended school,the faculty was allowed to paddle the kids.These kids today,have the up on the adults.They can even sue the parents for for a spanking.This liberal agenda is way out of control!

  • Revolution anyone?

  • Liberal marxists are destroying this once great nation.

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