Do you believe that parents should be able to spank their children?  Do you ever express that opinion to others?  If so, then you could be sent to prison.  Sadly, that is exactly what happened to one pastor up in Wisconsin recently.  A minister named Philip Caminiti was sentenced to 2 years in prison for simply teaching that parents should spank their children when they misbehave.  Please note that Caminiti was not accused of spanking anyone or of physically hurting anyone.  He was put in prison simply for his speech.  He was put in prison simply for what he was teaching others to do.  Whether you agree with spanking or not, this should be incredibly sobering for all of us.  Increasingly, speech is being penalized in the United States.  Much of the time, the focus of the attacks by the forces of political correctness is on religious speech.  If this trend continues, many of you that are reading this article might be put in jail for the things that you say in the coming years.

***Please Note: I am not defending anything that Phil Caminiti does or teaches.  In fact, a lot of things that he teaches are dead wrong.  What I am alarmed about is that a minister was put into prison solely for things that he said.  If they will do that to him, how soon will it be before they start putting other ministers in prison?***

When many of us were growing up, once in a while our parents would take out a belt or a wooden paddle and give us a paddling on the behind when we did something wrong.

Was there anything wrong with that?

Of course not.

Yes, there is real child abuse that goes on out there, but in the vast majority of instances spanking does not do any lasting physical harm.  Rather, it benefits the child because it helps them learn what is right and what is wrong.

I know that when I got a licking on the behind as a child that helped me to remember not to do the same thing again.

But Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi was absolutely horrified that some parents would actually use a wooden spoon to spank their little children when they misbehaved.

Perhaps that judge should actually try to spank someone with a wooden spoon some time.  You simply cannot do much damage with a wooden spoon.

Instead of going after the parents who were doing the spanking, prosecutors chose to go after the pastor instead.  They claimed that Caminiti was "the spoke in the wheel of this conspiracy".

Even after Caminiti leaves prison, he will be forbidden from having any contact with his old church....

Caminiti will be on extended supervision for six years after his release from prison. Despite objections on constitutional grounds by Caminiti's lawyers, Sumi ordered that he not have any contact with the Aleitheia Bible Church and have no leadership role in any church.

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  • AZRanger, just because I asked what you intend to do doesn't mean I will lay down and let it happen. It seemed you were ridiculing others when I had no idea if you had done anything or intended to do anything I that happens a lot  in these discussions). If I misinterpreted you post I humbly ask your forgiveness. I was merely inquiring. I too will stand between my pastor and law enforcement if he desires protection but that will be his call, not mine. If he is willing to go to jail, as many of Christ's followers have done, then I will honor that. If he wants to fight it I will honor that. I hve no intention of standing by while our nation is turned into Venezuela. I am active politically trying to restore the republicrat party to a party of We the People, write blog articles and letters to awaken the brain dead, and will fight and die if necessary to preserve freedom. It sounds to me like we are ont the same page.

  • Bob, and what I have done here in AZ, is to contact several other militia organizations, and we are convening a meeting to discuss strategies for the prevention of ANY Un-Constitutional arrest such as this!

    None of us knew of this case until just recently, and so did not already have plans to address that issue! We live in a state when the citizens have not allowed the Communists to gain control of our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! And , we will not allow this to go unchallanged here in AZ, to ANY Pastor! S ANY congregation which calls for help, I believe will be defended, and in my particular case, our unit has already pledged to stand with my Pastor so he can speak the truth; and I am the only one who goes there!

    Trust me the Commie tools are cowards, because they can't stand in the light of day, so they WILL NOT force a violent controntation unless they have a large numerical superiority. Our job will be to prevent that, but if need be we will do a Lexington on ANY group that attempts to chill our religious frredoms!

    I realize you will advocate a completely different approach, but I refuse to allow my grandchildren to grow up in a Communist dictatorship; and those in the militia who I know, would rather die than to be the generation who lost our Republic to her enemies, either foreign, or DOMESTIC!

    And Bob, some Christians are called to defend their country from the Anti-Christs of this world, and not to lay down and let the bad guys win!

    So that my friend, is what I plan. How about you?

    In the Spirit of ARIZONA Liberty,



  • AZRanger, and what have you done about this and what will you do when they come for your pastor?

  • People, the Communists are making a move to limit our religious freedoms in this country, and you folks are parsing hairsand doctrine! Are you all nuts? Or are you blind?

    There is a Pastor going to Prison, because he stood up for his rights to practice religious freedom! What are WE going to do about this? Why are we so far behind the curve in learning about this case until now? What will each of you do when they come for your Pastor for speaking out against homosexuality, or fornication, adultery, lust, or any other number of sins! What about abortion, or political corruption?

    What will each of you do? I suspect absolutely NOTHING!


  • Ladybird is behind the time.  The cutting edge of physics is accused by classical physics of attempting to smuggle God into physics. 

  • Joseph, I agree this is an attack on religion, or more precisely Christianity. I beleive in the Bible and don't subscribe to the "big bang" theory on evolution.  I do believe in the "big bang" from the aspect of God's creation. The Bible says God SPOKE everything into existence. Speaking is the expulsion of air with sound. God takes a mighty breathe, and the "big bang"happens. There are other cases where science and faith can come together. I will never turn my back on what the Bible says and you will likely put much more belief in science. Discipline is needed, as you point out, and a spanking can be very beneficial but it can lead to abuse. Many don't want any punishhment for anything and we can agree that is wrong. This is the mentality, on the surface, of this judge. In reality, he is attacking religion and values.

  • The lacking of response to my commentary on Command Center, or better said, the Charles Kenny Report, tells me that I'm confusing you. Perhaps you've never thought my thoughts, or maybe you think I'm completely off target.

    The science I'm into is crushing the myths and superstitions of Western and Mid-East religions. The cutting edge of science explains the motions of heavenly bodies, leaving no place for said religions’ gods to live.  Science has rolled out chronologies, atomic dating methods, and psychologies that destroy ancient images of God. It’s devastating to watch the fears said religions are instilling in the faithful, the guilt they implant in children and the frail of mind. They inflame hatred and foster wars.  But the worst of all is that they are smothering every pleasure we have. 

    I’m not against spanking a child.  Some children need to be spanked.  The reaction of this judge tells everyone that it was not the spanking of children, but getting at religion for its wrongs. What a sorry way to address the problem!

    The world is awaiting  up-to-date thinking.  I have no problem with the Bible.  It isn’t in conflict modern science’s advancements. To the contrary, it brings our Creator and creation, of which we play a big part, together.

    I’ve written a book of memoirs, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, due to be published this month. I’m hoping it will be read and the reader will spread the word.  It is time that we bring the world’s mental frame of mind up to modern technology, lest we blow ourselves to hell.

  • It is a sad day for america. Our dictators in the out house in wash can endorse the killing of 300,000 thousand babies a year with Planned Parrent hood or hoods. And we can not gently spank our kids to get ther attention what is right and wrong. The raticals in wash and usa are the ones that need the spanking. And maby someday they will wake up to realty of life. My parrents spanked me only a few time in my youth never beat me which is a diff. and it got my attn. When you have a mule and you tell it to move and it does not you , have to get his attn. then he will do what you ask, the same with kids. I do not spank but many do and it is only a attn. getter. Not child abuse. Useing your fist is child abbuse but the idiots in this country do not have enough brains to know the diff. Pray for Amercica. Want a mama vote for obama, want a man with grit vote for mitt. bobg

  • Laurie, I think the term should be "RESTORATION," not revolution, because we aren't the ones who are attempting to change things, the Communists are! That makes them the revolutionaries, not us!

    Yes, we need a good old fashioned restoration right about now, and I can assure you, it will not be pleasant! It will not be non-violent, and it will not take place at the ballot bax! Those are the grounds that the domestic enemies of our Republic already own. Our methods must be that we force thm to fire the first shots, as our response must always be in retaliation to that which they have forced on us beforehand!

    If our Pastors begin to publicall speak what the Word really says about abortion, homosexuality, domestic and foreign politics, and the specific evils of Islam, then we will get somewhere! But, we cannot ask them to stand up against the bad guys by themselves. The Congregations must be willing to stand up with their Pastors,a nd say if you are going to take our pastor then you will have to go through us first! I mean this on a physical level!

    My Pastor has started to speak against this PC BS, and if the feds or any other LE attempt to come after him, I will stand before the door, by myself if necessary, and demand that they leave the property! When the rest of my militia unit stands with me armed and ready to go toe to toe, then the bad guys will back off! Trust me the feds DO NOT want the news cameras there as they try to take a Pastor out of his church for preaching the Word of God! Of coourse they will go to his house where it is more private, because they really are cowards when push comes to shove!

    Is anyone else willing to stand for their Pastor, and tell the Anti-Christs NO they can't have him! Even if they have a warrant? If not, the you have already lost. The Restoration of our Republic starts with the defiance toward LE when it is attampting to carry our Un-Constitutional edicts on the American people! Asd long as we are willing to back down, they will continue to take ground! THE ONLY ANSWER IS THIS: When they push, we MUST push back harder!


  • Revolution anyone????????????

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