"PANDORA's BOX of Tolerance"



From the day we are born in this generation of Television and all forms of MEDIA, we are force fed what to think, say, do, respond, and react to certain criteria in life situations and circumstances.


Just because one persons’ way of thinking has dictated to the mass of their ideas and expectations how life on planet earth ought to look like, the mass depletion of individual thought and behaviors are being dictated, and now being systematically eradicated.


Because of these tolerances from the Pandora’s Box of all kinds and sorts of evil dispersed upon the face of this world, and everyone has found a certain niche of fun and excitement, others who are jealous of how another spends their personal moments of enjoyment have striven through the writing and passing of Laws to prohibit these given behavioral thought patterns.


We are driven from birth to accept these projected ways of thinking and learning, all to have them re-shoved down our throats as MISBEHAVIORS, after lifelong belief they were acceptable.


It is because of this Schizophrenic ways of man which cause and effect the misrepresentation of attitudes and learning, expending them throughout the mass.


And now they wonder why, after they who’d opened this Pandora’s Box of evils, there has become such strife and misery within and upon the American way of life.


2 John: 10 “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine (of good, not evil) receive him not into your house, neither bid him God Speed, (11) For he who bids him God Speed is partaker of his evil deeds.


Self preservation of the American way of life dictates that this PANDORA’s BOX of toys, games, etc. be closed and sealed, tossed into the Sea of Forgetfulness and never allowed return for all times.


But, will it? Will mankind have ever learned how devious this thing really is and has been upon the lives and livelihood of humanity? Or are they become so filled with their wonder lust for power and blood thirstiness, going to continue until they believe it has been emptied? And then what?


This choice is ours to make, our destiny hangs in the balance, and our very lives depend upon it. Good, bad, or indifferent.


See you on the other side. What ever!



Max Simon Uhrig III

Arizona,  U.S.A.

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  • Keep praying to the Good Lord for enlightenment.  St. Francis of Assisi turned everything around for the best in his day.  It goes to show how even one person can make a profound difference in a society and for centuries into the future.

  • Louis, you've nailed it my brother. And yet, even our clergy back up their witless clamour and bias. When I and others had confronted the notion of Obama as POTUS back in the day, the Pastor blatantly rose his ugly head in full determinable counterpoints and backing (from the pulpit). And it didn't stop there. He ushered in his own take about the KJV, that it is not even worth being Toilet Paper. That the Bible in every version and sense of the word is NOTHING but a book of poetry, not to be taken literally. That all of the Prophetics (inclusive) have already happened.

    His direct attacks at me and the learning I received directly from God Himself, made direct attempts at a complete disclaimer and disgrace of what I knew and yet, I still practice what I preach and teach. 

    The message I've received from God Himself is a Proven Work, and the Soul Count He's given me as a Reaper of Souls unto the Kingdom of Heaven is consistently rising in numbers.

    We serve an Awesome God. And the Media is the biggest antagonist, deceiver, and distraction upon the mass of Souls worldwide. TV commercials continue unabated, deserving their own brand and catagory of Censorship/Ratings system. They are gross and vulgar. Intimidating to every American Family, every day of the week. There are no days free from the smut.

    This generation since 1960 has been babyset by this beast of the Media, and it is the beast. No one dares take it anywhere near the courts for rebuttal nor reprisal for the injustices and sloth it has taught the mass of Souls, to the tune of 300 Million.

    Yes, Media has become its own entity. Tell just one person to '"SHUT IT OFF!" and see what kind of pure hell shall arise from such a statement. They literally consider it a threat as severe as Terrorism itself.

    The Wicked know no shame.

  • 80% of all printed media is controlled by the members of the CFR.  Most all of Hollywood Film making and TV is controlled by the members of the CFR.  Only a few companies, less than 15 I believe, control all of the big news media and the magazines, etc.  Is it no wonder someone can be elected President or appointed to a high position coming out of nowhere.  Why do we believe everything we read and see on TV.  We should question every so called news fact?  Everything stated should be proved conclusively.  Everything not stated should be searched out as why.  Bottom line is that the media is controlled and it has every intention of brainwashing and influencing you to their points of view even though they may be out and out lies.


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