Our RINO Texas Speaker of the House

I have been sending this e-mail around to the Tea Parties located in and around San Antonio. I really think we need to zero in on situations like this and do what we can to change the status quo. Strauss is a liberal repub that was put into the speakership by democrats with the complacency of the republicans"Joe Strauss- Texas Speaker of the House and RINO Tax raiserOur good little RINO tax raiser Joe Straus is now talking about indexing thegasoline taxes. What a deal- if they don't have to vote on raising taxes andtaxes increase the legislators can say; 'hey, I didn't vote for a tax increase,it's not my fault.' No matter that our economy is in the tank, the governmentwill have first call on the taxpayers money at the expense of food and otherpersonal luxuries!If you want to protest something, San Antonio, protest this liberal nonconservative Obamalite liberal. If you do, let me know and I'll be thereIs there a conservative running against this guy in the Republican primary? Ifthere is I'll support him or her. We need a NY 23 mentality here in Texas.Tom MorganKerrville Tea Party Patriot"
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