Our Nation is in Peril!

They are silent because news is owned almost exclusively by the infamous George Soros a self declared enemy of the state.  Liberal media is not going to report anything that uncovers the truth about what is happening in our nation today.  Far from it. They will continue to help the campaign to bring Socialism into our nation.  Any voice that speaks out in opposition to what is taking place.  Any who dare speak the truth are effectively silenced by no coverage.  Look at the Rolling Thunder event that occured over Memorial Day, no one covered it from beginning to end.  Nearly 500,000 riders and the media was deafeningly silent.  Look at the next election voter ballot count.  George Soros a company of his in Spain (a socialist nation) is going to count this years ballots.  You should be scared.  The media will continue to ignore every act of treason being conducted in our House Senate POTUS SCOTUS EPA Dept of Ed, FDA, and instead be sure to promelgate the homesexual issues or sexual preditor's and murders.  Effectively blacking out any real and important information that you an American citizen might become alarmed about and take action against.  The time to WAKE UP AMERICA! is here. The time for action of We The People has come.  If we fail to stand up and depose this corrupt gov't from our nation then the idleness of inaction, the silent consent of what is about to take place is upon all our heads.  The move toward socialism by this illegal alien who holds the office of POTUS and the inaction of the representatives who serve us, whose job it is to uphold and defend our constitution, will bring about forever the death of Freedom and OUR LIBERTY!  Every day the senate and congress do nothing to stop this campaign to descimate our way of life and allow the enslavement of our people is another day of treason, treachery, and the instillation of the tyranny that is socialism.  We The People Are The Gov't.  We are not their slaves!  It is time to RISE UP form a campaign enmasse and depose these tyrannical greedy corrupt ambassador's of self wealth and taxation without representation from office.  Millions must take to DC and arm in arm march down Penns. Ave and ARREST THEM ALL!!! There will be no need for violence, not by those of us that are son's and daughter's of Liberty, America's true Patriot's.  They will not murder million's infront of the eyes of the whole world.  Even so if they did then the civil war will have begun and America would become desolate anyway.  Obamanation will still have accomplished his mission.  What is that mission you ask only to destroy America.  It is so apparent so obvious congress and senate are in collusion with this effort, as is the Supreme Court who continues to legislate socialist ideaology from the bench. This is not the way our forefather's created our rule of law.  Nor is it anytime to give up.  Stop backpeddling to accusations of rascism, the far greater peril is our entire nation's enslavement to the elite's the wealthy corp's and socialist nations that will soon be too powerful to contain.  A power built on our tax dollar.  WAKE UP!

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