Our Freedom and rights are worth fighting for


Will we sell our Beautiful America to the highest bidders

Will we fight for our “God” Given Freedoms









                       “So Help Me God”

The Strength of conviction and commitment to the Constitution is who we are.  The United States Military



Newt Gingrich believes in the Constitution, America the Beautiful, the American Dream, prosperity for all and that our Freedoms come from “God” not the Government



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  • you can't even go to a judge they have been threaten or bought off whatever there not even ashame of us watcing how they manipulate the system its worthless to even try going thur a legal avenue its a joke, what honor there is none not in Judges that's forsure if we ever get out of this these judges need to be put in prison for not defending our country, control out media as well they covered everything buying all the amo so we can't defend ourselves everyday we must shout out SOS 

  • don't even think there's going to be an election what's this crapp about Russia and US on a training mission in Chicago for what ??? we need to be screaming what the Hell is going on where the hell is our Military this imposter needs to be arrested we just sit by he taking our freedom our land our America he is doing what the Muslims did using  are resources to kill us our guns our food that's what they did in 9/11 our planes please please we must demand this be STOPED NOW

  •  I tried writing and asking for more info on this,as far as i have heard,spain is going to be counting our votes and it will be a socialist group supported by george soros,does anyone know anything about this?.

  • Thanks Dr. Biek, good information, I hope everyone reads your response.

  • Never give up, but do take the necessary steps now to reverse Obama's actions that could make our votes meaningless. If you have not personally contacted your Representative and Senators and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to void Obama's Scytl vote-counting contract, you are not taking the necessary steps. November is rapidly approaching. We need many millions of voters to protect our votes and how they are counted.

  • We may need to purchase this survival guide


  • "We the people" must NEVER give up, period.

  • Hey, we're Americans let's not think of giving up - the fight has just begun!  Don't like to hear such sad comments like all is over and nothing we can do about it. 

  • We must immediately get Congress or Supreme Court or both to void Obama's contract with Scytl, a private vote counting company in Barcelona, Spain, to collect federal election votes from the local level, merge them, and report the results. It is impossible to go back to check their integrity at the local level. Scytl has no accountability, will declare Obama winner, and take us closer to global government.

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