The face of government, and prospective candidates have changed to entertainment for the masses.  The most funny, the

most charismatic, the most tricks wins the day and votes.  Bring in the clown: the people are bored, needing to be pacified, need fragmented sound bites, need promises of treats, hopes and dreams. Is it not what happened as the Roman Empire was falling?: the Colosseum, the gladiators, the clowns, midgets, lions and elephants, the outright slaughter, mayhem and royalty bidding them on to treat the hungry mob; when it ceased to be a Republic. The 'dole' was the note of the day; same as food stamps and welfare today!

The face is a reflection of us.  the government is our face; if we are the government?!  Yet, we seem content as long as we keep on laughing in our name it is ordained and bestowed; the power is a loaded cannon pointed directly at all of us; still laughing in the face of Constitutional death; as the Bill of Rights is eaten away by the lions of power; as the clowns pull the strings on our doomed destiny. 

The face of time will remind our grand children what we did, and did not do.  They will remind who is left to tell.

J.P. De Marco 



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