Our Country in a Time of Need

 I am 53 and have not seen our Nation in the shape it is now which scares me. I grew up in the South a Southern Baptist very Conservative, As I have seen and readied so many times it is time to take our country back, The GOP needs to decide who will be our candidate for president all they are doing is giving Obama all the backstabbing he will need, There are all smart people get together and decide who will be A.G. U.S. Secretary and so on  and who are we going to elect President. Wise up we are smarter than Obama and can regain the White House the Senate and the House. Get all the liberal out. History has shown us a Smaller Government is much better than big Government always has and will always be. All the Christians it is time to stand up for our beliefs and not be afraid to say so in Church. The people of America are smarter than the liberal media thanks they know want the media is doing and a large number do not like it. We can not last another four years of Obama.

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